Monday, June 4, 2012

WWII Air Show Reading, Or The Cart Before The Horse

A wedding.  My dress was borrowed from an older friend who was married during the war and and was the same heavy satin.

 We saw this couple later, dancing.

Betty Grable style outfit.

 The two ladies to the right you can also see in the bottom photo.  

 A lady who had just bought that hat.  I should have taken the back view because that was really neat.

 This lady along with her husband were in authentic dress.

 Me not dressed authentically.

 We had a three piece suit when we first got married and it was covered in the same fabric.  One chair in pink and the sofa and another chair in green.  I had them recovered; after 25 years I gave one chair and the sofa to a friend and kept one chair which is now covered in the Chinese design fabric.

I just had to snap this girl in the Vintage Clothing Shop

I took this photo because it was a good view of the rolled hair style and while going through my photos I realized it was the same two ladies as above.

On the weekend we went to the Reading WWII Air Show.  Well of course the thing I really enjoy is the vintage clothing.  They had a Fashion Show and I enjoyed the Vintage Clothing Store.  Plus ones who are dressed authentically.

Will show you more photos later.


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  1. Your fair looks great fun and the fashion is so elegant. 40's style seems to be the thing at the moment.


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