Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Weekend

Hi folks how is your weekend going?

I started out with every intention of tidying up and clearing out the basement.  Since putting in the new sewer system, if you follow my blog you will know what a saga (Sewer Saga) that was, we no longer have any problems what so ever in the basement.

I did have it sorted out and nice down there, then a series of unfortunate events (love that phrase from the Lemony Snicket books, my boy just loved those growing up, I digress) just messed it all up and although it has been cleaned etc it never got back to what I wanted it to be, a place to craft and do fun projects.  Instead as so many basements do it became the place to dump things, well not quite but almost that you don't want to get rid of, but don't know where to put them.

So as I said I started out with that in mind, recruiting hubby's help, but fatal, we took coffee out on to our new patio which Bo is working on, the weather was so lovely after a night time rain, the birds were chirping the light was beautiful falling through the old oak tree, that I got side tracked into gardening.  Digging up some Cleome which has sprung up in all cracks and crevices and planting it in these long old super heavy wrought iron planters.  Some went into instant shock so not sure how they will do.

Then we put the glass table on the patio and cleaned it, out came the umbrella and chairs, then we ran across two old captains chairs, in the garage, that I must have picked up in the trash but have no memory of where they came from. The wood needs oiling and a new fabric back on one. Plus the patio needed sweeping pots of hosta moved around etc

So after that we were just getting down to me working on the captain's chairs and Bo laying more pavers, when friends phoned and said come over for Pizza.  So on the spur of the moment we did so and that was the end of continued work.

We do have plans to get back to it later on today, Sunday, we'll see.

The patio will be a nice addition for the Graduation Party we are having for Rob, and that's another thing I need to get going on.  The other evening we did pick up all the plates, glasses, silverware and napkins from my friend, the one I think should go into a catering business, Miss M.  I have decided on buffet style, but that's a whole other post.


P.S.  The little Robin's have hatched out of their blue eggs and are little scrawny pieces of fluff.

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  1. Good news about your robins. The saga of your basement clearing sounds like my shed clearing. I always end up gardening as well. Usually I see a weed and end up weeding the whole bed.


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