Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's A Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day, sunny and warm.  The robin is still sitting on her nest.  I did take a peek but just saw her sitting there.  She made me laugh because where she enters the climbing hydrangea it is no where near where her nest is, just another precaution so you don't know where her eggs are.  It seems she breeds from April to July and will have two or three broods, thus she is still sitting on eggs in June.

My butterfly bush is beginning to flower, so I should start to see some butterflies while sitting here in the Simla Room.

Hubby sealed the pump over my water barrel and hopefully it will work.  It had rusted through and come apart, so water was not coming out the spout, the glue type weld stuff he used seems to be holding, sorry for lack of technical terms.

My tomatoes are growing well, also my peppers, herbs and peas, plus the squash.  I should also have a lovely show of gladioli this year.  The garlic has sprouted, but I'm not sure how well it is doing.

Dear Boy's graduation was last Friday but I have not downloaded the photos yet, the reason being that I have video on there and I cannot tell you how many times I have downloaded the photos and not the video, because with Picasa it is just a different step to download the video, I forget I have it and then delete the card.  So I always get the photos but not the video. Ugh!  So I'm bound and determined not to do that this time.

I have my dining room curtains to hem.  Hubby being helpful while I was in UK washed them, when they should have been dry cleaned so they shrank and now I have to turn the lining up.  Tuppy likes to sit on that window and even though I brush her hairs off the curtain, over a long period of time it was just dirty.  These are what I call my Teapot Curtains.

I will do more sewing on them this evening while watching TV. if there is anything worth watching on TV;  which seems to be fewer and further between.  As a friend said you have the wonderful up to date TV, but nothing much in content worth while watching.  I must get back to listening to the BBC via my computer, I did enjoy that but got out of the habit.

I picked up a book at the Thrift on Kayaking, I have so wanted a Sea Kayak for a long while, the trouble is they are rather expensive and really we would need two, as I'd never go on my own, and really I'd like three and there you are right out the ball park in expense.  Oh well!  I can look at the pictures read it and dream.

Did I say I treated us to two more camp beds?  I've had one for years, but not the boys.  I think a camp bed keeps the tent tidy, you can store things underneath and it's not so low to get down to when you are getting a little older.  They were on sale in Aldi's.  Plus the one's I bought them have hanging side pockets to put your bits and pieces in, like glasses which you think are in a safe place, only to wake up and find you can't locate them.

Hope you weekend is good.

Take care,

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  1. I'm glad your garden is growing well. After the drought we are now being swamped so could do with more sun for the veg. I agree with you about tv though there are a couple of good history programmes at the moment. I tend to listen to the radio more.


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