Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Lamb Pub on Lamb's Conduit Street

The Lamb on Lamb's Conduit Street is a pub in Bloomsbury, London.

The Lamb was built in the 1720s and the pub and the street were named after William Lamb who had erected a water conduit along the street in 1577. 

Charles Dickens who lived locally is reputed to have frequented the Lamb. Other writers associated with the pub include Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath..  Hughes, who was a regular at the pub, arranged to meet Plath there in the early days of their relationship.

The Lamb refurbished in Victorian times still has the etched glass snob screens in place above the bar. These frosted glass snob screens were popular in the 1890s and hid the customer from the publican when they ordered their drinks, but the hinges still allowed the the bar staff to check on the customers without disturbing their privacy.

I like this photo above, the light and a man reading his newspaper at lunch time, it captures the moment.

Jean and I enjoying our Higglety Pigglety Pie; which was delicious, vegetable and goats cheese.  I went for half a pint of shandy, so good.  We just sat there taking in the ambiance of our surroundings.


The glorious history of the pub and the area is also commemorated by an original working polyphon in the pub (the predecessor to the gramophone) and sepia prints of music hall players.

The pub is named after William Lamb who in 1577 improved upon an existing conduit to bring clean water down from Holborn as an act of charity to benefit the neighbourhood. The Lamb was probably built around 1729 and still had one of the original wells in the back yard until the early 1900s. 

Lamb's Conduit Street, Jean standing on the corner looking up the street to Persephone books, just behind those trees.  Opposite is the Perseverance Pub, with the Keep Calm And Eat More Pies sign outside.  Behind me on the other corner is the Lamb Pub.


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  1. This pub was very conveniently situated for us! Your photos reflect the feel of the place so well. The pie was delicious.


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