Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pizza, Polish and a Pedicure

OK remember in my previous post I said we went over to friends for Pizza.  Well I was also offered a pedicure and then well I might as well get my nails done.  Love the colour.  We also watched Drop Dead Diva.  I'd never seen it before, fun series.  I watched two so have 37 to go.

Also I'm wearing my all time favourite flip flop shoes, gold leather and super comfortable.  I bought them in the south of France Villefranche-Sur-Mer.  It was towards the end of our cruise and I had only bought one pair of comfortable walking shoes; which were comfortable but I think you need to change out even a comfortable pair of shoes.  My feet were in dire straights and I came across these after a day walking all around Monaco.  Just right, flat, nothing on my toes and gold to go with evening wear or jeans. 

I have worn them to death and even took them to the shoemakers to see if he could revive them, but no go.  And I've never found another pair quite like them.  I live in hope.


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  1. Your nails look pretty. I know what you mean about shoes. I dread buying new ones and keep old favourites going as long as possible. Those look comfortable and attractive.


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