Monday, June 18, 2012

Coram's Fields

Coram's Fields is a large urban open space in the London Borough of Camden in central London. It occupies seven acres in Bloomsbury and includes a children's playground, sand pits a duck pond, a pets corner, cafe and nursery. Adults (defined as anyone over the age of 16) are only permitted to enter if accompanied by children (under 16).

It is situated on the former site of the Foundling Hospital, established by Thomas Coram in what was then named Lamb's Conduit Field in 1739. The Foundling Hospital was relocated outside London in the 1920s, and the site was earmarked for redevelopment. However, campaigning and fundraising by local residents and a donation from the Harmsworth family of newspaper proprietors, led to the creation of the current park that opened in 1936. Coram's Fields is a Grade II listed site and is owned and run by an independent registered charity, officially named Coram's Fields and the Harmsworth 

Coram's Fields is at the end of Lamb's Conduit Street.  I loved their little herb garden.  Those little woven fences are so popular in the UK and not too expensive.  I wanted to bring some home in my suitcase, but I'm afraid nothing else could be stuffed in.  I bought one of those old fruitcake mixing bowls, you know the brown ones and even that I had to stuff inside a woven bag and carry on the aircraft there was no way I could pack it.


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  1. Thats what I love about London - all those unexpected gardens and squares. There's always somewhere quiet to escape the noise.


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