Saturday, June 16, 2012

Persephone Book Shop, Take A Look With Me

If you have never visited the online store for Persephone Books you really must, it's quite delightful, also they have a wonderful catalogue spelled the English way,  that you may see online and  they will mail at request and if you buy a book.

Persephone Books is in Lamb's Conduit Street, so Jean had mapped this out as part of our walking tour and you will see it marked on previous posted maps.   

I did treat myself to one book, how could I go there and not do so, I bought Good Things In England  a delightful book written by Florence White in 1932.   Florence White was a free lance food journalist.  Wonderful old English recipes and she makes some very interesting comparisons between English, American and French cooking.  I will in future posts write about some of the interesting things Florence White says.

Some of the good old fair of English cooking is the Meat Pie in umpteen varieties and variations, my next post will show you one that we had for lunch.

The other thing I like about Persephone Books is that the inside end papers are always from the time period the book was written in.  Quite often a fabric print which represents the era and is book appropriate.  Lovely little paper book-marks in the same design.

So I was very happy to actually visit the shop for Persephone Books. Jean and I looked and looked, it was hard to come out with just one book.


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  1. Its such a lovely shop and all my sort of books. Am currently reading How to run your Home Without Help written in 1949!


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