Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Pergola Robin

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting in my Simla Room, drinking tea and eating BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on rosemary bread) when I see a Robin standing on my Pergola with a beak full of grasses and twine, obviously meant for a nest and then she darts into my climbing hydrangea which I mentioned in a previous post.

Well I'm enjoying my tea reading Down The Garden Path by Beverley Nichols, when there she is back again sitting on the Pergola with more building materials for her nest.  She sits and sits and I think maybe I should go for the camera, although knowing how things go she'll fly off before I get back.  But no she hadn't in fact she sat and sat, was looking all around and taking great precautions that nobody see her dart into the hydrangea bush.

These shots were taken through the closed window, dirty at that and the screen.  Eventually she decided to dive into the hydrangea to her nest.

I would have thought the 3rd June was late for nest building, but maybe this is a second lot, I'll have to do the research.

By the way Down The Garden Path looks like it will be a good read.  The 1934 edition picked up as a discard from my Library.  Published by Jonathan Cape, Ltd.



  1. Such good photos and great to have the robin actually nesting in your garden. We have a robin which I think has nested nearby. Last year there were young ones in the garden. Our robin is slightly different to yours.

  2. Hello Christy...phew finally got here, (got waylaid!) I do so love your Robin..wish we had them here...& bluebirds. Still, we have other birds you don't have like tuis & bellbirds I guess. Thanks so much for the link & mention. I love the photo of you outside Beatrix Potter's house. I wonder if your friend still has the letter & what the postmark was like? Have a lovely week. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  3. Oh I love robins, though now I'm used to the small British robins. I love how robins hop nearer to you when you're in the garden, and "talk" to you from a nearby branch.


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