Saturday, June 9, 2012

Calthorpe Project A Community Garden

 The mosaic pathways brightened up even a dreary overcast morning.

 I love this blue flowing bush.

 The green house and potting area was a delight to see and we just wandered around looking at all the plants.

 We looked at these apartments and thought how much they must enjoy this view in the middle of London.
 Me wearing my trusty Australian style nylon mack, bought on my last trip to the UK when we went to the Isle of Skye.

 The mosaics were done by different ethnic communities.

This is a delightful community garden;  which I can't remember the name of.  We wondered around and said how lovely to have such a space to spend time in.


P.S.  Jean do you know the name?

P.P.S.  Jean just told me the Calthorpe Project

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  1. Yes I enjoyed it too and it's called the Calthorpe project.


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