Monday, October 20, 2014

Miles Winery on Lake Seneca

Hi Folk,

This is the Miles Winery on Lake Seneca.  As we were driving along passing many wineries, I saw a couple of cars turn down this road and it looked like it was right on the lake and it was, plus we were delighted at it being a truly old house.

This house is built in the Federal style, with Grecian columns and Egyptian keyhole trim inside, so it is quite a conglomeration of styles.

A follower of Jemima Wilkinson built this house, early 1800's.

After the wine tasting I decided on the special offer of three bottles of Cabernet for $20.00 Call me a Cab  I love the pun on words.

Yes the Keep Calm motto is even here.

The clouds were rolling past the sun and here you can see some ominous dark clouds, but the rain held off all day.

This old wisteria had totally wrapped itself around the tree, in the for ground  is the wisteria.


What a lovely setting, so peaceful down by the water.  It would be just right for a celebration.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Lake Seneca

Hi Dear Folk,

More travels, from our trip last weekend. We had arranged to meet The Boy at 5:00pm, he had things to get done in the morning and had to work in the afternoon.  So we had the whole day free to explore.  We were up and out by 8:30am and our first stop was for breakfast at Curly's, just a real ma and pa place, where a lot of older folk were meeting together for morning breakfast and having a lot of fun and laughs together, nice to see.

Mr. B's favourite meal is breakfast so he was happy.  Eggs, bacon, sausage, homefries, toast and a side of French Bread and maple syrup.  This was the giant breakfast and Mr. B. is up for that.  Now we will have a good day because he is a bear if he does not eat breakfast.

We headed up to Watkins Glenn but did not visit the falls here, which is an all day thing, well maybe not all day, but ones energy would be seriously depleted.  We've done the walk several times before, best to go from the top down and not from the bottom up.  So a nice drive along the lake was for us.  Stopping off at one winery.

Here is a little information about the Finger Lakes region.

U.S. Salt Company on the edge of Lake Seneca.  See here in reference to Seneca Salt

Just one of the many vineyards on both sides of Lake Seneca.  The area is similar to the Rhine Region in Germany for climate and some of the vistas.  There are so many wineries where one can partake in a wine tasting.

I love this shot of the birds, gathering and flying and then gathering again.  I think they are starlings.  This was on the road leading down to the Miles Winery, where we did stop, more later.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Impromptu Picnic by Ithaca Falls

Hi Folk,

You probably noticed that I changed my banner.  I now have a photo of the vineyards along Lake Seneca up there.  As you know we were up early last Friday and stopped off at Krispy Kreme for a break.  This was on a side road us we got off the main highway and cut across country to our motel and checked in. 

We got a motel outside of Ithaca because if you have ever tried getting a hotel or motel room in a college town of 26,000 students, it is hard and especially to find one in the price range that we wanted so we stayed in another town.

We met The Boy at 1:30pm at his apartment, we had been there about five minutes when he came whizzing down the hill on his bike and flying around the corner.  By the time we got over to The Man in the Moon CafĂ© it was closed at 2:15pm, we did not realize that they close at 2:00pm.  So we went over to Aurora Shoe Co and I bought a pair of open toe sandals for my trip, the New Mexican in navy.  So that was all rush, rush because by then we had not eaten and Rob had to be at work by 4:00pm.  Dashed up the road from his to a Deli, Rogan's and bought sandwiches, half ate them and got The Boy back to his place to rush down the hill on his bike to work.  Bike down, bus back.

So Mr. B. and I decided that a slower pace was needed and took our half eaten sandwiches down to Ithaca falls to have an impromptu picnic and a little slower pace.  So here we are by the falls.

The leaves were just right in New York state.  It was so peaceful listening to the falls.

And watching Mr. and Mrs. Duck wading in the water and feeding themselves.

Mr. B. and I by Ithaca Falls.  I'm wearing the coat that my sister knitted and Mr. B. is wearing an Ithaca Bomber's hoody.

Here are a couple of shots taken from the bridge.

After that we looked around downtown Ithaca, walked through The Commons area which they say will be ready by the holidays but who knows, it's been torn up forever,  and then hung out at Collegetown Bagels on Aurora Street.  I got a chai latte and Mr. B. a coffee. I actually found a paper map of NY State at the tourist center yippee, paper maps are now like gold dust.  So we sat and read our brochures and then set off back to our motel, for a good night's rest.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Krispy Kreme

Mr. B. and I were up very early to get packed and on the road to Ithaca.  I always find it hard when you are working to get things prepared ahead of time, I do for long trips but for short trips it's harder.  So we got packed in the morning and were on the road by 6:30 am. 

Krispy Kreme is an international doughnut company.  The last time I actually saw a store was at Heathrow airport.  We do not have any shops in our area, so when we saw this one on our way to Ithaca we took the time to stop off and get half a dozen with a coffee.  Krispy Kreme started in 1933 in Kentucky during the depression, you can read a little of their history here

As you can see they are made on the premises.

We bought some doughnuts for The Boy, Pumpkin Spice, my favourites are white vanilla cream with chocolate on top and cruller's.  I think their logo colours are very interesting, such an old fashioned combination almost holiday colours.  Red, white and hunter green, not colours that are in current vogue today, but they work.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Studio Room Rearranged

Drawings by Rob and self portrait by Vinny.  Photo of old windmill in UK by Keith T.  his brother is quite a famous artist in the UK Gregg T.

Hildegard Edwards' water colour, Carpenters' Brook above New Hope.

Above an old photo of John Knox House in Edinburgh.

Hi Dear Folk,

I've had this sitting in my draft posts for a while.  After The Boy left for Ithaca and he took the desk out of this room, we rearranged it.  I love this room it has the most incredible light.  It recieves the same light as our kitchen, but probably a little more as the light is less blocked from the house next door.  Also the wood floors have a lovely depth of colour in this room.  So here it is, but a room is always a work in progress.

The water colour painting was painted by Hildegard Edwards and dated 1947.  It says Carpenter's Brook above New Hope.

When I first bought this on Ebay years ago, I thought it might be from the New Hope school of artists in Pennsylvania, but now I'm sure this is Carpenter's Brook near Carpenter's Falls in NY State.

A member of the Historical Society in Skaneateles sent me this:

Hildegarde, the daughter of Albert and Martha Sherwood Edwards, was born in Skaneateles on July 8th, 1882.  The family lived on East Lake Street in Skaneateles, her father was an architect and artist.

She graduated from the Syracuse University College of Fine Arts in 1903.  She won the Hiram Gee Scholarship which sent her to Europe for a year of study.  Later she attended the Berkshire Summer School for Art.

After returning from Europe, she taught for six years at the Wyoming Seminary at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, then for twenty-three years, she was art supervisor of public schools at Warren, PA  She retired in 1945.

Miss Edwards' work is well known, exhibited in Syracuse and Auburn and in Skaneateles at the Library and the Historical Society.  She did an etching of St. James Church which was later produced on zinc and printed and sold in quantities.

She was a member of the Skaneateles Presbyterian Church, the Village Improvement Association, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Daughters of American Colonists and the Daubers Club of Auburn.

She died on February 2nd, 1949 in the Auburn City Hospital after a long illness.

How exciting it must have been to have studied art in Europe in 1903, one of my favourite periods of history right before WWI when a ship and train could take you almost anywhere.  She would have been twenty-one.

The black and white drawings were done by Rob in art class at High School.  The portrait of Rob and self portrait was done by a friend V.

I can hardly believe how quickly the leaves are changing, one moment green and the next day so orange, yellow and red.

Have a great weekend.

Take care,

Friday, October 3, 2014


Hi Dear Folk,

This is where I write my letters to The Boy.  The light comes through the glass doors and the bamboo screen in such a way that it always reminds me of Saigon, why Saigon I have no idea.  I have never been to Vietnam and I don't think it is even call Saigon anymore, but that is what I think of.  Old colonial French houses of the 1950s. with courtyards and louvered shutters, wrought iron grilled windows worked in bamboo designs, lush tropical plants and filtered light.

I received my new Firmoo sunglasses.  I thought that they were coming from Korea, but when I got home Mr. B. said you have something here that was sent from China, UPS next day saver.  I had emailed them last week saying I had not received my sunglasses and it had been about a month since I placed the order.  So emailed back and said there had been a problem in producing them and they would re-do them and send them out with an expedited shipment.  So here they are.  I had a 50% off coupon and just used the distance part of my prescription for them.

It's a little hit or miss on trying to figure out what will suit you.  I wanted something truly different for me.  The red is a little brighter than I imagined it would be, I do like them though and look forward to wearing them with a dress that a bought for Hawaii back in early summer and I'm pretty sure it is the same shade of red.

If they had had the choice of clear sides I would have taken that, but you did not have that choice.

I think on the whole considering the distance, that their service and courtesy is very good, and would consider them again for another pair.

The other day I came out of work and there amongst the rose bushes was a little chipmunk, they are the cutest little creatures and quite spunky, he ran behind the bushes but when I squatted down and made little chirping noises' he came out to investigate and did not move until I moved.

I watched on PBS an absolutely wonderful, hilarious programme about Penguins.  If it airs on any of your Public TV channels do watch it, I just didn't stop laughing at their antics.  It's a great tonic.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Treasures and Tragedy

Hi Dear Folk,

Well Autumn is upon us the leaves are turning and the nights are pulling in.

Last Friday I was invited to dinner at a friends house. So all day at work I'm looking forward to this, to get there by six I was going straight from work.  I arrive at D's at 6:00 PM no one is around so I take my camera out and snap a few shots of this idyllic estate where D lives.  She rents a house on an estate and it is truly Pennsylvania little Paradise.

I've finished taking the photos, knock on the door again, I thought maybe she was in the shower or running late, I go around back and the dining room table is laid for dinner, the back door is open, but the screen door is locked, but nothing going on in the kitchen, I thought that's funny.  It went through my mind that I had the wrong day, but then I recalled a conversation with a friend who had asked me to pick her up and I said I was going straight from work, so I had the right day.  Then I thought did I have the right time, that must be it.  So I wait, but all the time in the back of my mind thinking something is not right.

At 6:45 PM when I'm about thinking of leaving, a car pulls in with friends, not friends I see all the time, and they have cards and a plant and I'm thinking I haven't bought a card or flowers as a gift, then with a very cross purpose conversation I realize that something very bad has happened.  D's twenty-two year old daughter died in a car crash that morning at 2:00 AM.  What a tragedy. 

The thing is I do not have a cell phone, so G. phoned Debbie and she was at her husband's house just a short distance away, with the family.  We stopped off to see her and offer our condolences to the family, but it was all most surreal, truly surreal.

2:00 AM Saturday morning I woke up with the most horrendous migraine, the type that you think your head will blow up, which lasted until about 4:00 AM when I eventually got to sleep.  I was so exhausted that my plans to go to Cape May with my friend J. had to be cancelled, although it was the most gorgeous day.  I didn't realize how all this effected my.  I kept thinking of Michael, Rob's friend who died and then Rob who is a similar age and I guess all this was going round in my brain.

In fact the subconscious is truly amazing.  I had a crazy dream the other night, I was coming home on Route 202 almost into King of Prussia, where I had to stop because of a terrible pile up accident.  I was not involved, but stopped got out of my car and was walking down the shoulder past all the cars.  In fact it was so bad you could not see any of the road and everyone was dead.  But to make it even crazier, at the front of the terrible pile up were two very big convertible Cadillacs, one had an old women in and the other had an old man in.  They were not hurt, just sitting there.  The rear end of their cars was just slightly damaged.  The old lady even had her wheel chair in front with her.  I knew in my mind that they had been driving so slow that they had caused this terrible accident, I just knew.

Well that was my dream, but I think it's all connected with the accident and dying young.

Life changes in a moment and we must treasure our loved ones.

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