Monday, October 22, 2018

18th August Last Game of Billiards

Hi Dear Folk,

I've been back for two weeks and have been to the doctor's twice.  An infection where I needed antibiotics and then cellulitus on my leg, more antibiotics.  Then to add insult to injury I tripped over a box in the house and badly bruised my other leg on the shin, so now they both hurt, such is life.

On a happier note I enjoyed being in England when my BIL retired.  He has worked for fifty years at the same job as a butcher in a small town butcher's shop.  Who works fifty years at the same job?  I've never known anybody who has, from the age of fifteen.

Here are a few shots of a farewell game of billiards at their local pub, a 15th century building.

Lots of good sandwiches sausage rolls and a cake.

Trevor is very good at billiards.


Sunday, October 21, 2018

13th August 2018 A Visit with Cousin Esther

Hi Dear Folk,

On Monday, BB my sister and I went over to visit cousin Esther and her husband Chris.

Cousin Esther's house was built in the 1930's.  It was originally built as a private house, but the builder went bankrupt and the local council bought up the road of houses that they built, so it became a council house.  A house owned by the local government that was rented out, people lived in these houses their whole lives.  It made houses affordable for ones who couldn't afford to buy a house.

In the eighties Margaret Thatcher changed all this and decided to give people who rented these houses the opportunity to buy them, which might have been good for them.  In fact in London this year the first government council flat just sold for over one million pounds, that person certainly made out.  This however has led to a huge shortage of affordable housing in the UK.  There are other factors involved, but this has contributed.

Getting back to cousin Esher's house, they bought it back in the eighties, when the previous owner sold it off.  What is lovely about her house is that it has the longest back garden I have ever seen on a semi detached house.  I took this photo maybe half way down the back garden.

Housing is so expensive in the UK now, that their son is building a tiny home in the back garden.  There are restrictions on this, but you can see their little build on the left.

My cousin Esther and Chris, we must have been laughing about something.

I always love that door leading out to the back garden, so thirties.


Saturday, October 20, 2018

10th August 2018 Cambridge to Haverhill on Top of a Double Decker Bus

Hi Dear Folk,

Would you like to ride at the top, at the front of a double decker bus?  A great thing to do, because you have such a good view.  My trip back to Haverhill from Cambridge and yes it is the same day.  This is typical weather change when you live on an island.

I took a series of photos of this Miata being escorted off the road by two police vans.  I took these photos for my son, as he has a Miata and that colour.  He says he wants to post the photos on his Miata group.

I like comparing all sorts of things, from one country to another, I find this so interesting.  Road signs and markings, street lamps, different styles of houses, housing estates and on and on.

England is not just thatch cottages.

Because of the very hot summer everything had been harvested one month earlier.

The village of Linton.

I wanted to visit this pub, but never did get there.  They do a lovely Sunday dinner, and you can sit in the garden on the little river there.

This was the little village my mum and dad used to live in.

Not a very good photo, but this was my parents thatched cottage, which I loved.  I did not grow up here, but grew up in just as lovely a little cottage.

The big articulated lorries that ply the roads of the UK that come in from all over the Continent.

I'm sitting at the top and front of an identical bus, taking this photo.

Roundabout, I love round about or circles as they call them over here.  Give me a roundabout over a traffic light or a stop sign any day.

All the children walking home from school.

A mixture of Victorian and more modern houses.

Do like the effort and money that the local council puts into flowers and hanging baskets throughout town.

A new store in town Lidl and I just googled them and it seems they too are in the States.  Something similar in format to Aldi's.  They do have very good prices at Lidl's in the UK, wish they had a store around here.

Petrol/Gas is 1.33 pounds sterling per litre, 1 = 0.264 US gallons.

Some roundabouts are just painted on the road, but the principal is the same.  It keeps traffic flowing, not all this stopping and starting, don't get me started.

Note, free WiFi.  I hope you enjoyed your ride, it's time to get off now, and walk up the hill home.


10th August 2018 Lush, Cambridge

Hi Dear Folk,

Are you still with me on my day out in Cambridge.  I never knew about the store Lush, until my nephew and his wife took me for a day out in Cambridge on my previous visit to the UK.  A haunt of Georgia's is Lush.  When I got back to the States I found out that is has been over here for a while, and there was a store just a couple of blocks from where I worked in Philadelphia, who knew.

As you can see the average age of the clientele is not my age group, but I do like two of their perfumes; I do love perfume, I like Karma and Sikkum Girls, which I bought in little tins as a solid, great for traveling.  I bought them in Philadelphia, but I noticed in the Cambridge store they now sell that solid perfume in glass, which is heavier for packing, when one has to be conscious of weight.  So I wonder if you cannot get them in tins anymore?  Bath bombs are a popular product and all sorts of gorgeous soaps.


10th August 2018 Cath Kidston, Cambridge

Hi Dear Folk,

What are your thoughts on made in China?  The Cath Kinston shop is just off the market square and church, a prime location for tourists.  When I visit a country I like to buy items that are actually made in that country.  Although Cath Kidston is an English designer almost all her products are made in China and quite expensive, so as much as I like certain items and always fun to take a look, it's not a shop that I buy anything in.


10th August 2018 Cambridge Market in the Rain

Hi Dear Folk,

Now you're with me in the centre of Cambridge at the open air market which is there almost every day.  Most towns in England have one day a week, which is their open air market day, but because Cambridge is such a popular place to visit, it is there every day.

Bikes are the means of transportation in Cambridge and it makes sense because driving and parking there is a nightmare.  In fact if you drive to Cambridge you park outside of town and catch the shuttle bus into town.  There are a couple of car parks in town, but you can get all the way there and they'll be full.

I thought this series of photos captures a typical rainy day in England.

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