Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cornell University

Hi Dear Folk,

Life seems to have been so busy, any free time I have spent in the garden on getting things planted and a million other things.  I just love to get out there after work.  Lots of digging up and rearranging, moving things around.  Flowering plants come and go so quickly this time of year if you don't get out in the garden you've missed the flowers blooming.  My peonies are looking exceptionally nice this year, as we have hardly had any rain, which is death to peonies as they are heavy and the rain drops bow their heads into the dirt.  On the other hand we could do with some rain.  Actually today is in the fifties so quite cool, moving on to our Ithaca trip.

The Boy was busy all day Friday, he had a funding meeting and a dinner to attend.  We did get together with him late in the afternoon.  So decided to take a tour of Cornell and a walk.  If you've ever been to a college campus they are a nightmare to park at.  I wanted to visit their Library and Art Museum, but we found out it was actually nearer to walk from our Hotel than to try and park on campus, so we gave that idea up.  Here are some of the shots that we took while driving around.

Cornell University was established in 1853 see here.  Ithaca College was established in 1892 see here

Isn't that a lovely view.  Behind us is the bell tower from which they have a webcam, so can get to see what the weather is like and the changing seasonal view.

We enjoyed looking at all the older buildings and some very modern.  Ithaca College is all modern as it was relocated in the early sixties from the down town area to high on the hill, with a view of Lake Cayuga, where it is today.

The road goes under this cantilever building and up to Cornell Plantation area.  We found two lovely ladies who suggested a place to park, and we were able to walk to Beebe Lake and along one of the many Gorges in Ithaca. 

The old building to the left I believe is one of the original science labs on Cornell Campus. 

As you can see we had wonderful weather, will post more.



Friday, May 15, 2015

Pots On The Patio

Hi Dear Folk,

The beauty of the blossoms this year has been spectacular, I think it's because it has been continuously cold and therefore have not started blooming before their time, maybe a bumper fruit harvest.

My little red pump that sat on this water barrel fell apart after sitting out this last winter and could not be resurrected.  So Mr. B. bought me a frog instead, but he needs to be connected up.

Most of the pots below were in my little greenhouse but I took them out before taking photos.  Some seeds will need to be separated, but it is such a thrill to see them come up, even some packs of seeds that are several years old. 

Mr. B. recently donated another pair of work boots to my collection, so need to put some dirt in them and plant some cats and kittens.

The Mammoth sunflowers are coming up a treat.

The California poppy are looking a little spindly but they will come on.

Cucumbers are striding away, I hope to pickle them.

My new neighbours chopped down three spruce trees, which were strategically placed for me, as they gave me wonderful privacy on my Simla Patio and now I can see all the way down the street, so I'm going to have to research garden privacy screens as I have no room on my side to plant trees.

Trees make a big impact on the landscape.  There was a big tree on the way to work, can't say I ever took particular note of it, until one day I came to the brow of the hill and stopped at the traffic light and thought what's different with this view, and then I realized someone had chopped down a very large tree.  No wonder Mr. B. has procrastinated on having the ash tree cut down.  I did phone someone but they never got back to me, so back to the drawing board.  This year the whole crown is dead, so it is definitely time.

Going to my friends house tonight to pick up some vege plants, he always starts lots.  I should have been over at least two weeks ago, but time escaped me.  Definitely tonight.  Hope it's a nice day tomorrow for planting.  This morning I was up early and cleaned up one little garden in the front, before getting ready for work.  My poor azalea need feeding, they are looking very sorry for themselves, as are my rhododendron and holly, must get on that.

Take care, have a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Water, NY

Hi Dear Folk,

After my nocturnal AM awakening and my frenetic packing, we were on our way to Ithaca to see The Boy.  We stopped off at Hickory Run on the Turnpike.  For those of you not familiar with the States, Turnpike roads are Toll Roads where you pay a fee to travel on them.  In the UK we do not have any.  Turnpike is such an old fashioned word and is a word that used to be in use in the UK, but you no longer have Toll Roads and Turnpikes in the UK, you just get on the Motorway.

So you only have access to a limited number of rest areas.  Hickory Run, and by the way I love that name, is about half way to Ithaca, so a good place for us to pull off for a bit.  They have a Starbucks and we bought a large coffee between us and I got a blueberry scone, Mr. B. got a breakfast sandwich, at dare I say it Burger King.

About twenty miles from Ithaca is this wonderful place to get Spring Water, fresh out of the mountain side.  The Boy noticed it when we first drove up here together, we pulled over and asked the locals who were filling up their water jugs, about it.  They said people in this area have been getting their drinking water from here for hundreds of years.

It is now becoming a tradition to stop off and fill our water bottles up.  It is the most delicious water; cold, no taste, and crystal clear.  It is nothing fancy, no beautiful ornate surround, as you might see in Italy or stones to stand on, just some old pallets and piping coming down the mountain side, but it's a joy to stop here.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Odds and Bods

Hi Dear Folk,

I started this post at the end of April, but time has got away from me and here we are almost the middle of May.  Trying very hard to keep up with the garden at this time of year.  The big winter cleanup took a while, and now I have another cleanup as all the cattails have dropped off the northern oak tree and everything is covered

My wisteria bloomed just before we went away for a long weekend to visit The Boy and of course when we came back it was over, well you know past it's best and petals everywhere, the same with the lilacs.  All my seedlings which I had in my little plastic greenhouse shelving system are coming along, so now they are out on the patio, as frosts should be over.

Yes I changed my banner to a photo I took while up there, a rainbow over Lake Cayuga.  Will post more on that in the future.

Work has been busy and then you realize you are going away and you should have packed, but do not have anything together to go away and are too tired to pack, then wake up at 2:00AM and decide, I'll pack now and then go back to bed.  We did get on the road to Ithaca by 8:00AM.  Does anybody else do crazy things like that?  I like time to gather my things together, at least I did have a list and a second list for Rob's wants, which goes like this - drill, hammer, hacksaw, nails, screws, soldering iron, power strip, black fabric, crockpot, Tamron lens box, coconut oil, dish cloths.

Here is where I started with my April post.  For the want of a better title but just bringing together a few things left in the camera and what's going on.  I got to wear my posy this weekend, I am so happy with it and have been thinking that I might venture into Etsy land again and write up a tutorial on it.

Thrift shopping is cheap retail therapy so a few fun finds, such as this box, I wouldn't be surprised if it is from Florence, it's the type of thing they sell there.  I still have a tray which was a wedding present well over thirty years ago.  It's a kind of paper mache which usually has some form of gold painting on it.

This punch edge was not at the thrift, the pansy design appealed to me, then a friend said it looks like the Hawaiian flowers, and it does look a little like a plumera, so that would be fun to associate it with something Hawaiian

More books, it's cheaper than buying a craft magazines from a stationers.

I have done very well at the thrift finding brand new leather shoes.

Well just catching up and more to follow about our trip.


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Studio Work In New York City

Hi Dear Folk,

Here are a few photos from The Boy.  He is up in New York visiting and getting hands on experience in a sound studio.  Just a few of his NYC photos.  Their teacher who they are staying with has worked on several Ken Burns, PBS films over the years.  She has done their sound tracks.

The above photo reminds me of Russia, why it should I do not know.  I think it's the way her hair is wrapped in the head covering.


Monday, April 27, 2015

MC3, Daffs and Orchids

Hi Dear Folk,

Why does one think at sixty that you can do what you did at forty?  I have been asking myself that after overdoing it in the garden two weekends ago.  The trouble is I have to fit this in on the weekend, it was the dreaded spring clean up, the one where you never cleaned anything up last autumn and now you have a grand clean up.  My excuse is that there is no point because our oak tree does not even start shedding leaves until January or February.  Starting at 7:00 AM and finishing at 5:00PM I think is overdoing it and another weekend day spent with at least four hours in the garden.

One should be very tired, no I'm wide awake all Sunday night or just about, so needless to say I had to take Monday off work.  Monday started out nasty and rainy Mr. B. was home, I did some crochet and later in the afternoon the sun did come out and by then I was rested, and we took our free lunch coupons that someone gave him for Chic fil a and treated ourselves, our big splurge out, was hiking out the additional money for milk shakes.

I did get to accept Rob's award, his name is on this plaque.  It was a very low key affair with goodies. He won it for his essay entitled -  Blade Runner Breaks into the Second Golden Age of Television.  The money helped him out this month as he has been working on a shoot and has not spent so much time at work.  In one hand and out the other isn't that the way of life?

Here are some daffodil photos from over a week ago, the daffs were late here, but our spring has been so cold and changeable that everything is a good two to three weeks behind.

I had quite a nice show by my backdoor this year.

These were flattened and bent by the rain, so washed the dirt off them and made an arrangement to enjoy them for a while.

So the other week I go to my once in two weeks or so visit to Trader Joe's during my lunch hour at work and this is what I found, and couldn't leave the store without buying it.  An orchid that looks like a Pansy face.  What I didn't realize is that it is very fragrant and fills the house with it's pungent smell, which is most noticeable when you first walk in.  I so love this.

I also have the added delight this year of a Robin making it's nest right by our backdoor in the honeysuckle climber.  Our Dutch Colonial upstairs floor juts out over the downstairs, so it is a wonderful dry place to build a nest.  I've had other birds nest there before, but not every year.  Guess where he is getting his building supplies, he is pulling the roots and what is left of the cutback reeds out of our little pond.  He comes with his mouth laden and streamers flying behind and I have not seen the Mrs.

It's no wonder that wetland areas are so vital to the environment, sometimes Mr. B. has to take a hack saw to the reeds as they just overfill the pond.  The point being they so hold together that no way can you get them out without a hacksaw, just think what wetlands do to stop coastal erosion, let alone all the wild life that benefit.  So I am happy that our tiny little pond besides a great place for the animals to take a drink and the birds to take a bath, is now a nest building resource.  So far she has not touched the little pile of yarn ends I left there, maybe they are just too bright, nests  need to be camouflaged.

More going on, on the crochet front will share that another time.

Take care,

Monday, April 13, 2015

Work - Gets In The Way Of Life

Hi Dear Folk,

How are you?  It's a lovely sunny day today.  The daffodils are finally blooming I thought they would never burst forth, it seemed that everyone else in Blogland had a garden full of open blooms.

Back to work today, so as sunny as it may be I'm in an inner office with no windows, Grrrr!  It comes pretty hard after the weekend off, but needs must and that's all there is to it.  Busy day too.

Mr. B. said he'd work on my garden by the front door, Monday is a day off for him, so hope to see that looking clean and dug over.  I have one lonely daffodil growing in that garden and columbine.  We cut down the Andromeda bush that was there it was almost all totally dead, I have a matching one on the other side and that does quite well.

I have to get some quotes to cut the dying tree down.  Mr. B. finally agreed Hey Ho!  I want to get that done soon before all the garden really gets into bloom which will be quite soon.  What to do with the stump and roots, I'll find out how much it is to grind it out, or I may just leave it and do pots and a garden in-between the roots.

I started on a Queen Anne Lace Scarf, I never realized how narrow they are, I might want to use a thicker yarn and larger hook.  It took me a while to get into the swing of the pattern, but I think I have it now, thank goodness for You Tube.

Not too much else going on right now.  Hope I have a little energy tonight to potter in the garden.

Wishing you all well.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tea and Art

Hello Dear Folk,

It's sunny today and cheery around 60 f, so still cool.  I had thought of working on the front garden just by my front door, but by the time I went out and attended the special talk we had, got home, had some lunch, went on line to print up the Vehicle Registration renewal, because mine had run out, and by the time we got the darn printer to print the temporary form which we need to take the garage to complete the emissions testing, well then it was pretty late and had got quite a lot cooler in late afternoon, so decided to write this instead.

Mr. B. dropped my car off for inspection yesterday and it needed a whole list of things done, so not cheap, but neither could it be completed because forgot about renewing my registration, so Mr. B. has to go back today and get that done, hope it's not too late.

I was invited to a Tea and Art afternoon and wasn't sure what to expect,  this is the tea part and how lovely it all was A. had such a lovely tea for us as you can see.  With lots of spring flowers dotted around.  The dining room table arrangement of flowers was lovely and I forgot to take a picture of that, because I was so busy partaking of the lovely afternoon tea.

Several different teas to try.

This was my selection of teacup.  It was A's grandmother's.

So what was the art part?  Well since her boy was in Elementary school A has volunteered for "The Art Goes to School Program"  where you go around the school district giving a half hour presentation with visual aids to the children.  Each year the prints of famous paintings change, but must be representative of the world American, European, Asia, Africa, Black, White, Asian, American Indian, Hispanic, Men and Women artists.  So you can see that just that choice alone is daunting, plus it has to represent the eras of painting, Classical, Impressionists, Cubist, Surreal and Graphic.  Sometimes it doesn't cover all the spectrum but they try.

So we had an interactive art lecture using the prints and prompts, fun and interesting.

My friend S. is going to Estonia for an International Convention this July, like Barb and I did to Hawaii so I said I would think of some small items as gifts, to make, for our brothers and sisters in Estonia.  Crochet may come in more handy as it's colder there.  So what to make that's small and packable?

S. is also stopping off in Paris on this trip and is going on an evening dinner cruise on the Seine so is going to make herself a pink chiffon flouncy dress with flowers on, sounds lovely.

Hope you're weekend has been fun.


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Black Beach Maui Necklace and More

Hi Dear Folk,

I have found a wonderful haul from the thrift shop.  Three pairs of what seem to be brand new leather shoes.  The lace ups are Italian and fit like a glove.  The flat cream ones have genuine snakskin with the leather and the third pair are a differnet colour to the rather solid basic colours that I usually choose for shoes.  I will be well shod from spring into summer.

Wearing my blue cardigan, another thrift find,  It's so warm you can wear it like a jacket. 

Japanese crochet flowers ready to sew into a shawl.

My dear posy was fun to make and makes me happy to wear, and seems to us-sure in the spring.

The orchids eventually bloomed and showed their brave little faces.

I started this necklace several months ago and finished the one side, when I went back to finish the other side it was amazing how I forgot what I did, especially with the wire wrapping, not a good thing to do, I should have finished it off all in one go.

I took some volcanic stones off the Black Beach in Hawaii,  some smaller ones and the larger one is an interesting combination of white and black.  I had an idea of wire wrapping them,  this is my first go at wire wrapping.  The other beads I already had, they are quartz I like their translucence.

It's quite a long necklace so hope to wear it with a shift dress in the summertime.  Taking something of the beach and making it into ones own creation is rewarding.

Well better shake a leg I'm meant to be at a get together in an hour, kind of an Art and Tea do, not quite sure what to expect.

Hope your weekend is good.

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