Sunday, July 20, 2014

Book Meltdown, Kitchen Corner

How is your weekend going?  Yesterday, Saturday afternoon I had a meltdown in the Simla Room, actually a book meltdown, which lead to a rearrangement of a kitchen corner.  You know I love books, it's my Achilles" Heal, just cannot stop acquiring books.  I had so many piles of books in the Simla Room, that I had recruited this cake stand as a book pile stand, plus trying to do needlework, it was all too much of a mess leading to a meltdown.

This meltdown lead to a clean out of books, one's I might have liked to keep, but they just had to go, so I could be organized, I cannot work for continued periods of time in clutter.

I moved my cake stand to a little corner of my kitchen, replacing the basket that held veg, and good job I did because the potatoes had also had a meltdown in this hot weather, to wet stinky mass, ugh!  So now comes a cleanup of this little corner.

I am enjoying my little teapots here.

On the wall above are these lovely little hooks that I bought while in Halstead, UK.  A milk scalding jug, from Italy.  As a child we always were served coffee with hot scalded milk, in fact it was served about half and half, and when ever you went to a friends this was the way coffee was served, but not so much now.  Actually it's a nice way to serve coffee in the winter.

Also cleaned these sweet three dimensional replicas of two places in Bury St. Edmunds.  While in England a friend of my sister's was going to put these in a car boot sale, and I liked them so much that I said that I would buy them off her.  They were in the most ugly black plastic frames, which I replaced with shadow boxes.  The one at the bottom is the smallest pub in England, Wellington Arms, a Green King Pub, the other is a Florist's shop.

Sorry about the reflections.

While I was cleaning out books, I came across this Mennonite Cookbook I found at the Thrift, published in 1951, such a nice find.

I love the indented tabs on older American cookbooks.

Grandmother's table, notice the plate of cut bread.  There was always a plate of cut bread on my father's mother's table.  I think it's because they had a small holding and ate dinner midday.  And a lovely Pennsylvania Farm scene sketch below.

This is the Household Magazine cookbook that they used to put out, this dates to 1947, I also have another one that was Bob's mum's that dates earlier than that, but is in a much more worn condition.  Here again you see the use of indented tabs along the side.

Well that's about it.

What a terrible week news wise so sad.  I guess we'll all be checking flight plan pathways on future flights.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Whirling Butterflies and Other Things

I think 50% of my days I'm up at 4:30 or 5:00AM.  It's a lovely time of day in the garden.  Saturday I was outside enjoying a nice cup of tea when I heard this kerfuffle in George's tree, it will always be George's place, even though he died.  Two American Robins were chasing a squirrel around, up and down, they had the advantage as they could fly although squirrels are very nimble.

So the above flower is a hosta flower, when they are finished blooming they turn into a seed type pod, in fact quite a quantity form, I ate one last year just to try it, it didn't taste bad, does anyone know if you can cook and eat them?  The flowers really are quite pretty and much overlooked I think.

This is my teacup pot, which a squirrel came and dug in and turfed out one of my cat and kittens and I had to replant it, they are so naughty.  I was sitting quietly on the oak tree patio, and I hear this squirrel start with a chattering noise, I look over to the oak tree and there is a grey squirrel facing downwards looking right at me having a little fit that I am in his space.  Oh yes!  They have done this before.

I am reading Miss Buncle's Book, by D E Stevenson, it is a wonderful read, I have notes and will definitely do a book review.

Indian Feathers, Whirling Butterflies, I so love this perennial that I went and bought another one, the name so fits, either one.

Blister Cress another perennial planted, I wonder why they call it Blister Cress?

Tahitian Bridal Veil, I could not pass this by, it is so dainty, just had to show you the size, forgive dirty gardening fingernails.

So all on my Simla patio is blooming.  I see the basement door is in need of a paint, but it's such a job to sand, I wonder if you could buy a giant decal and just stick it over, something fancy, now that would be nice.

Mr B's blueberry cake, very good.

The Stash Lavender Breakfast in Paris tea I bought while away in Danville, so good.

A Thrift find, a Korean mug with lid, called Playing Ducks, I have long wanted one of these mugs which I have seen at the Korean store, but they are quite expensive.  This one $0.79 cents at the Thrift.

A few more perennials to plant.  I hope they all come up.  The trouble with perennials is that you plant them, forget about them and next year you are non the wiser if they do not appear.  I will just have to remember to look back in my blog.

A lovely morning, rounded out with a chat, my friend Jean from the UK phoned, so nice.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Great Grandad A Whitechapel Detective

I want to share with you a little about my Great Grandfather.  He was a detective in the Metropolitan Police Force in London, from 1887 - 1912, all his career being on H Division In Whitechapel.  He was made a Detective Constable on 8th October, 1894 with Whitechapel CID.

He lived as a resident at Commercial Street Station, they would have housing for single policeman, then in 1896 he resided at 74 Leman Street, a police residence.

As a married man Harry lived with Ada on 20 Walden Street, Mile End Old Town, Stepney from 1898 until he retired in July 1912, which back then was just inside the City.

I love the fact he served all his career in Whitechapel, and would have been at Commercial Street during the Jack the Ripper Murders.  He would have seen a lot of action on this as many suspects were taken to the Commercial Street station for questioning.   I only wish I had been older and understood all this when he was alive, what questions I would ask him.

Also in 1911 he was highly commended  at the Old Bailey whilst working as a Detective alongside Detective Inspector Wensley and Detective Sgt. Leeson, so I have a feeling he would have possibly been stood alongside them at the Sidney Street Siege, here, when Wensley knocked on the door and Leeson was shot.

Here is a video of the London Sidney Street Siege, 1911

No sound but very interesting from British Pathe

My great grandfather retired after twenty five years of service and lived a very long retirement in the country.  Unfortunatley great grandma died very young in her early fifties.

The photo above sent to my grandmother, Kit, Kitty.

I do have some wonderful photos of him as a young man in his dress uniform clothes, will have to find them and post them.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Truly My Last Cheese

Last time I shared my cheese delivery I said that I thought it was the last one, and I did, but when I got back from being away those couple of days, this was waiting in the fridge at work, where I have it delivered.  I was most surprised, however I truly know this is my last as I received an email stating so.

The German cheese above, which was not my favourite, but nice melted on an open faced toasted sandwich with vege.

The Italian cheese with whole peppercorns, very nice.

A soft English cheese from Lancashire.

Just some quick pictures of my last cheese delivery, a sad day.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this gift.  I always buy a fresh variety box of crackers to eat the cheese with, and several times a bottle of wine. 


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Morning Madness

Most mornings I am up early, go down to the kitchen, feed the cats and brew up a cup of tea.  With the lovely summer mornings I take advantage of the coolness and amble around my garden, pull a weed here, sweep a path there, sit down with my tea and Tinkerbell who is showing her age at seventeen.  I enjoy the peace and listen to the mourning doves and all this; while still in my night attire and I wonder why it always looks so scruff.  It’s hard to find the right night attire, don’t you think?  With me quite often the PJs are too long, I will have to start seriously making my own.  I do have a couple of old fashioned night dress patterns, one is a Prairie dress pattern, but could easily be a nightdress pattern; I do have a PJ pattern too.

Holiday weekend rushed by, Friday was mostly overcast but the sun did come out late in the day.  I spent the morning measuring and cutting out strips for the Bible covers, tough on ones knees.  I got to meet in the evening with two friends we are working on a Bible cover project, forty covers total, which will be hand made between the three of us.  So grey felt, blanket stitched with appliques applied.  Each of us has license to use our creative powers, no two ever turn out the same, and this project has to be ready by mid-August.

Saturday was a beautiful day and as a last minute arrangement a friend came over to lunch which we ate in the garden, and drank my Stash Paris Breakfast Tea, which is so good.  Lavender, bergamot and black tea, I found it on sale while visiting my friend Kim and bought several boxes, originally $3.60 reduced to $1.60.  I also bought a box of liquorice, but have not tried that yet.

I don’t think I mentioned the Woolrich Company, when we were visiting friends we passed the Woolrich outlet store, and we were not too far away from the town of Woolrich where the company was founded in 1830 by an English immigrant.  One iconic piece is the Railway Vest made by them for the Railroad workers when they first built the railroad across Pennsylvania.  I will keep a visit in mind for my next trip up there, although I did hear that a lot of pieces are not USA made now, all rather sad.  The Woolrich Blog is quite interesting.

I personally have worn a pinafore dress, made by Woolrich, still have it and wear it and dare I say it is BR, before Rob, so over twenty years old; it’s in heavy cotton.

Found a whole bag of mohair at the Thrift, sixteen balls of mohair and Orlon in a heather spice, which is a blue grey and nutmeg brown combination, it must be quite old, as it originally came from Sears, and I do not remember them selling yarn, but they obviously did, $3.60 the bag, a happy find.

Have a great day,

P.S.  After reading the Woolrich Blog is seems that they are committed to producing more wool items at their Pennsylvania Mill.

P.P.S.  Have requested two sample swatch packets, one is called Reanactment Fabrics and the other is Fiber Art Fabrics, so should be fun.  Also they have tours of the mill in August, September and October, I think that I would like to try and visit them, combine a trip to visit our friends with that.

Friday, July 4, 2014

A Pennsylvania Town

Danville, Pennsylvania.  I don't know about you but I love to see where people live, what type of house do they live in and what is typical to the area.  Well Danville would give you a glimpse into a typical Pennsylvania town of the late 1800's and on.

Three very typical features of an older home in Pennsylvania are wood siding, a deep wrap around porch and always a basement.  Coming from the UK basements were a new feature to me.  In the UK you have old bigger houses with a cellar, but over here, even newly built houses have a basement.

Look at this old house above, notice the sloping back roof, almost on the style of a New England saltbox roof, see here.

The Aubergine House, Rob and I decided that we did like this colour on the house.

Looking down Main Street.

A different view of the Aubergine House.

Wires, many older towns seem to have wires running everywhere.  If you ever look at photos of San Francisco pre-earthquake wires run everywhere above the streets.

Someone loves this little house.

The railway tracks run through town.  Tracks run through the town I live in, there is nothing so haunting as the sound of an American train, at night, tooting as it goes through town.  If there was any sound that is quintessentially American my choice would be that night time sound of a train.

The train tracks again crossing the Main Street. In the UK this street is always called the High Street, but in the USA it is the Main Street.

Here we are down by the Susquehanna River, a little park.  Just the right place to sit and view the river.

A row of row homes.

What colour in this brick.  It was early on a Sunday morning when I drove around town, it could be a film set, it seems just right to make a movie here.

Wandering around turn on a Sunday morning  was so peaceful before the town woke up.

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