Thursday, September 14, 2017

Vietnamese Pots

Hi Dear Folk,

These are the pots that I bought at Ollie's, on that rainy day last Wednesday, they are all made in Vietnam.  It's a good time of year to buy pots as the season is ending, these were 30% off and Ollie's is a discount store in any-case.

I couldn't pass this one by with the birds sitting on a branch, it's so whimsical.  A triangular pot, it was the last triangular pot there with this design.

Last Sunday Mr. B. helped me to level this up on the bricks and fill it with soil.  Some dirt, some compost and some potting soil.  I went digging in the composter, not an easy job, and twinged my back again.  This is a big pot and I don't think the photo shows how large it is.  I had this lovely red flower in a plastic pot so is temporarily in here, until I figure out what I want to grown in this blue pot maybe another fig.

On Saturday The Boy helped move and set this pot up for me.  I had herbs growing all over in different gardens, basil, parsley and oregano, so gathered them all here in this one earthy pot under my kitchen window.  I love it.

This was another area of my garden,  hard to grow anything, as it is so dry.  I like using these coloured pots scattered throughout my garden, the splash of colour gives me joy to look at.

Mr. B. found this white wicker chair for me in the trash.  For about three years I had another white wicker chair here also found in the trash, but the leg was going, so an opportune find.  I had temporarily used a wicker chair here from the oak tree patio, also a trash find, but now it is back there.

The weather has been on the whole cloudy and overcast with some rain.  Hoping it's good for our Cape Ann trip.  Well at least not rain.


Monday, September 11, 2017

Crochet Cardigan My Own Design

Hi Dear Folk,

A chill is in the air, the wood pile is stacked and kindling is stashed away to dry.  We never have a lack of kindling it continually drops out of our oak tree, but one must have patience to gather and box it.  Mostly Mr. B. does that, but I do help.  It is so lovely to come at during the winter, all neatly boxed in the garage, then staged in the basement to bring up and use in the fire.  If you  have ever tried to light a fire with slightly damp wood you will understand the joys of dry kindling.

I have resumed my crochet cardi.  It is my own design, following the basic instructions and photos here.  Some times I like a pattern, but others I like the freeness to use up some yarn from my stash, even smaller lengths and the joy of looking at all those colours and putting it together.

Fortunately I had written down a few notes and had stopped in strategic places, where I did not have to figure out too much what I had done over six months ago, I'm not good at that.  We will see how it turns out it is still a work in progress, but will be ready for Autumn, I have promised myself this.

I want to get into our garage, I keep having visions for it, but it will have to be a share vision as boy and garden things have to be housed there, but could I please sneak out a corner, or maybe half.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Rainy Day Blues and Bakery

Hi Dear Folk,

A day of rain, so let's take a damp rainy tour first of the garden, just a sneak view out the kitchen window at my trumpet fine, with a little light on the matter.

No light on the matter.

Autumn is about to tumble in, I love autumn we were married in October and it is a beautiful time of year here, usually with an Indian Summer, nice to look forward to before winter sets in.

With all the rain my Prairie Bonnet is trailing over the path, so found a little bit of old trellis to hold it up.

Under the kitchen window.

I have visions of more pots from Vietnam for my garden.

On the pond patio.

Under the oak tree with acorns raining down.

Two flea market finds, a carpet beater.  My old physics teacher used to go around the lab with a wooden carpet beater.  He didn't use it on us, but that carpet beater could make any poor inattentive teenager jump out of their skin when it was slammed down on the lab bench in front of them.  Love that red handle.

My other find an old wooden ironing board, I've always wanted one, and even left in the sitting room doesn't look half as bad as the metal monstrosity.  Mr. B. was home he doesn't work on rain days, good job too, because it takes two people to put this ironing board cover on, you think the thing will never fit.

I had made arrangements to meet a friend for lunch, but before that I stopped off at the drug store for some ibuprofen, I've been suffering from back ache since Saturday, when I bent over with the watering can and zing I felt it give me a twinge and it's been giving me trouble ever since.  Then over to Olies to buy some more Vietnamese pots for the garden.  I found three I like and as it was the end of the season they were 30% off.  I had wanted another tall rectangular one, but they didn't have any of those left.  Still I'm happy with what I have and will debut them when I finally have them all placed, where I have a mind to put them.

I met my friend in Abington not too far from the Hospital, as her husband is in hospital, so nice to get together at The Corner Baker, which is a franchise.  We both had soup and sandwich, I had broccoli and cheese soup with smoked turkey, bacon and avocado sandwich, very good, along with a chai latte which hit the spot.  Who would have thought growing up you would be drinking such things as chai lattes.

On the way out Mr.B. gave me instructions to get him some kind of bakery item, but I forgot then remember that I would pass Weinrich's Bakery on the way home, now this is not a franchise, they have been in business since 1919 and at this location since the fifties.  There are so few family run bakeries left that it's a treat to stop off here.

In the above picture to the right you can see a photo of their original bakery.

Isn't this front so very fifties, especially with that advertising on the roof.

Mr. B. got his chocolate eclair with yellow custard and for The Boy and I a chocolate cup cake with white icing.

So for a dull damp day, things were accomplished, Mr. B. cleaned the microwave and took the AC unit out of our bedroom window, and worked on one of the water down pipes that has come off the wall, I laundered The Boys sheets, even though he does his own wash, or else they would never come off his bed.  Friends were met.  A good day.


What's New On The Thrifted Front?

Hi Dear Folk,

I have cut back on my thrifting, but it was a Tuesday and I was off, and it's the day they give seniors 30% off, so I took a look and this is what I came back with.

Lovely hand made table cloth, I would never do all the beautiful embroidery and pulled thread-work. It is exquisite though.

These shoes ever so slightly slope back towards your heel, it's meant to make your legs work harder, use calories and build up muscles, who knows, but they are quite comfortable, except for the tipped back feeling, but I think I will get used to that.  Brand new, all leather and originally sold for over $100.00.

I love swing jackets and this one is in very good fake fur and has a lovely very heavy satin lining.  So good quality.

Black leather boots, hardly worn.

Could not pass this little evening bag.  I think it's polished water buffalo bone, nothing goes to waste out east they recycle everything.


Monday, September 4, 2017

Mountain Bike Mounted on a Miata

Hi Dear Folk,

I looked out of my Simla window one day to see my shepherds hook in the middle of my lawn, with something red hanging from it, I thought what in the earth is that?  It was Rob using my hook to hang his mount on while spray painting it in red.  It was sprayed with quite a few coats.  I said there better not be red paint spray on my hook.

The Boy has been working on this project, how to carry his mountain bike on his Miata.  First of all he bought a rack off eBay, but didn't like that arrangement, so sold that and came up with this idea.  The red and blue handle which he has bolted into the back of his car.  He takes the front wheel off his bike and mounts it through the front fork.

The back wheel is held down with a suction cup mounted on the trunk.

He's pretty happy to try out his new camel back hydro pack and riding shorts, which arrived from where else but Amazon,  and off  he goes with his whole new ensemble, mountain biking.


Labor on Labor Day or should I say Labour on Labour Day?

Hi Dear Folk,

How was your weekend?  Saturday and Sunday were pretty much a wash out,  dull and then torrential rain on Saturday, dull and sprinkles on Sunday, the sun did eventually show her face.  But today Monday is glorious.

I started off with a cup of tea, and then got it into my head to tackle the monster, the monster being the trumpet vine, which I had pretty much let lose all summer.  The trouble with a trumpet vine is that the flowers only appear at the very end of the sprigs as it stretches out towards the sun, so if you cut them back you cut the flowers off and then what is the point of having a trumpet vine.  The hummingbirds and bees love the flowers, so I have left it until now before pruning medusa back.  You can see how thick and woody the main vine is.

Now my poor rose can start grow the other way, as she will have some sunlight from a more rounded prospective.

Tuppy found herself a little sleeping bed in the dust bin lid.

Here is only about half I cut off the trumpet vine, the rest is in the trash can.

I weeded the garden, and planted a few flowers I had growing in other locations that were not doing to well, so gave them another try here.  There is probably only about six or seven weeks left in our flower growing season, but will get to enjoy them.

One of my biggest thrills is that new shoots are showing on my clematis. I dug up my Henry Clematis, it had been in it's previous location for several years but never thrived.  I did have a Henry Clematis in this location and it loved it, but being a very silly person, I tried to tidy it up and I tidied it up too much and killed it.  This one I will just leave alone and let it do it's thing.  It has a lovely large white flower.

I dug it up on one of those hot days, trying to get all the ball stock, I was in one of those moods, "if it lives it lives and if it dies it dies."  I admit though to being very happy that it is happy.

I left some of the trumpet vine trailing above my kitchen window, it's lovely to look out the window and see that greenery hanging down.  In the autumn before winter, I am going to ruthlessly finish cutting it back.

My recent project has been a journal for my trip to Cape Ann.  So I did not mind the rainy days.  I rummaged around to use what I had in the house.  An old Franklin Covey two ring binder, old leather bought up in the Amish country, crocheted Japanese flower and a gathering of old papers for inside.

After I have been to Cape Ann and completed it I will show you, I've had a lot of fun working on it.

Mr. B. has made chocolate chip cookies and that will go down very nice with a cup of tea.

Bye for now,
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