Saturday, June 30, 2012

Walnut Creek Winery Graduation Party


Rob and the all American Coke, authentic style bottle too, the older folk at our dinner table were laughing because the Boy was trying to screw the top off, no this is the real deal, bottle opener needed.

Dining on the Verandah

Dining by the pond

Young Grad Section

The old Italian mama section

Le dejeuner sur l'herbe

Dancing Area

Graduation Girl Lori

Last Saturday, I know I'm a week late posting these, we went to a Graduation Party at a Winery: which was very nice.  But!

Have you ever gone to a party and as soon as you get there you realize you have not dressed correctly?

Yep!  That was me.  The invite was Dinner and Dancing at a Winery.  We've had the invite since January so you figure dressy, winery, dinner, dancing.

Oh well!  It wasn't too bad, I wore a blue linen shift dress, which could be dressed up or down, pearls which were pretty bling, you know chunky and chains.  If I'd only listened to Mr Bit Brit and taken the flats, I wore gold heals (thrift find, first time wearing them, less than comfortable) I could have changed out into them, dumped the pearls and I would have been fine.  Oh well live and learn.


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