Friday, June 15, 2012

Ford Focus ZX3 SVT

The Boy has a new car, a 2004 Ford Focus ZX3 SVT, he is very happy with it, and there is a little story that goes with it.

Rob has been coveting this car ever since he used to walk to Middle School, as it was a neighbour's down the road, so for the last eight years, since it was new.

The colour and style of car are harder to come by, it's a SVT Special Vehicle Technology.  So he put a note on the car asking if the owner was interested in selling it and he was, as he wants to buy the new Ford Focus coming out this October, and also was left a car by a friend.

The owner said someone at work was interested and Rob thought that he'd want more than he could afford, so I said just offer what you can afford he can only say no.  So this Monday he accepted Rob's offer and Tuesday morning they did the transaction and we have one happy kid.


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  1. The first car you own is always special and I hope Rob enjoys his own vehicle.


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