Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our Evening Walk

 Mr Groundhog out for his evening constitutional.

 A bridge built around the time of the first world war 1914.

 No I haven't adjusted the green, yes the green is that vivid right now.  It has done nothing but rain.

 Down by the creek.

 Smell that wild honeysuckle.

 I'm thinking of Elderflower Wine.

We decided to go out for an evening walk, it was a little later so the sun was setting in the sky.  Mr. Groundhog was out and the birds were singing away.  I think around our house they tend to go to bed earlier.

The sounds of water tumbling over the rocks, and the birds singing along with wonderful earthy smells, fragrance of grass and wild honeysuckle.  Elderflowers have a smell all of their own.

Hope your evening was nice.


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  1. They are excellent photos of the groundhog. Looks a bit like our hedgehog but not as prickly. We have a large elderflower tree behind the shed which is laden with flowers and I too have been thinking of using them but not wine. My friend used to make elderflower cordial but I need to collect enough lemonade bottles for this. The walk looks lovely.


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