Saturday, June 30, 2012

Squirrels In Our Oak Tree

We have a family of squirrels that live in our oak tree.  They have lived here as long as we've been here.  They have a nest half way up the tree where the main trunk splits into two lesser trunks going up.  It's an ideal position.

 The new patio that Mr Bit Brit just laid for me is underneath the oak tree, so when we sit on the patio now, they very much feel that this is an invasion of their area.  

They place themselves on the tree peering down at you, chattering away and you know they are saying this is our home and space what are you doing here? Just look at those feet.

 If you look hard you'll see her up the tree.

This one is positively peering at me making me feel most uncomfortable.

As a child the word Squirrel was my favourite word.  I think it was the SQU sound.  It was also a word I found hard to spell at six years old.  But I soon learned to spell it being a Squirrel Nutkin fan.  I always loved the picture that Beatrix Potter painted of the Squirrels on their little rafts. 


P.S.  They have eaten just about every apple off my tree and the others fell off, so no apples this year.  I haven't tasted one apple off this tree since I planted it six years ago.

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  1. Wow she's really giving you the eye! Good pics.


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