Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It's meant to go up to 100f for the next two days.  Actually we've had very cool weather for June, it usually runs in the 90f so I've been happy.

It seems we just got our new air conditioning unit in at work at the right time.  But my office is all torn up and driving me crazy.  It's like working in a builders yard and every day there seem to be bits all over my desk.

Monday morning I brought my own vacuum cleaner in and vacuumed and cleaned, but Tuesday they did more work and it's just as bad, so now I'll clean when it's all done.

I'm glad they put a new unit in, with the old one I always kept thinking we'd get Legionnaires Disease, as the office always smelled funny and was damp even though cold, just not nice.

It should be nice for the Boy as he wanted to go to the Beach and take his new car on a trip.  So he is camping.


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  1. Glad you've got some good weather at last. Its still a mixed bag here. Rain one minute then sunny and warm the next. At least the rains warmer than it was.


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