Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm So Excited

OK it doesn't take too much to excite me in my small world.  Yesterday I went to the Thrift Shop and came home with some bits and bobs which I'll post another time.  But what I saw was a Duncan Fife table outside with two leaves to it $25.00.

Now I didn't think about getting it as I don't need a dining room table.  Today while at work though the light bulb went off that maybe with my 25% coupon it would have been a great table to use in the garden for the Graduation Party, cheaper than buying one of those long plastic ones, which cost $40.00.  I have two of those, but was going to ask around because I figure I need four more.

Well I phone Mr Bit Brit, but he's not too happy at another thing going into the garage and which one was it etc, etc.  So I said OK, I'll go after work and see if it's still there.  Well of course it wasn't, but now all the tables out front have been reduced to $10.00.  So I walk in and ask if any of them have leaves to them and joy of joys one little round dining room table quite sweet, is looking even better because it has two leaves.  I was so happy to find this out.  So with my coupon and tax, less than $8.00 for a long dinging room table; which I will use outside for the Grad Party.  You can't beat $8.00 and it's a dear table.

Will post photos on this later.


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  1. Yes I get excited with my charity shop finds as they are so rare here now. I think its good that it doesn't take much to please us because then we're happy most of the time!


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