Monday, June 11, 2012

Deli Frugal

Everyone seems to be talking about down sizing and living a frugal life.  We have always lived simply but with unemployment one really has to rein it in.

So I have one tip to share with you THE DELI. 

Buying sliced cold cuts from the Deli at a supermarket for sandwiches and things is I think an expensive way to go and we very rarely do buy cold cuts.  Costing usually $4.00 a lb and upwards for different cheeses and meats.

But what is a good deal are the ends of the meats and cheeses, as they sell these off for $1.00 per lb.  No they are not sliced and choice is limited, but you can ask for what you like.  We tend to stick to different cheeses, pretty much all except American cheese which we are not too fond of.

Now where can you buy a pound of cheese for $1.00?  Most chunk cheese costs a minimum of $4.00 per pound.  If you are using this for cooking it really doesn't matter what the actual shape of the cheese is and if you just slice it yourself for a sandwich or on crackers it's fine.

Also the meats; which I'm pretty particular about are great to cube and put in a quiche or other cooked dishes.

So that's my one frugal tip to share with you today, remember:

 $1.00 per lb Meat or Cheese at the Deli Counter.

Living frugally,

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  1. They don't seem to do that here any more but I do find if I go to Sainsbury's at 6.30pm there are always a few cheeses at that price. Yesterday was a strong cheddar and a Danish blue on offer. Like you I always used to buy the offcuts which taste just as good!


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