Saturday, October 13, 2012

We Shared The Joy Now We Share The Sorrow

Today Saturday has dawned bright and sunny, I knew it would as when I walked through my dining room last night there was this wonderful light diffusing through the window and glass ware I have sitting on the deep window sill.  It was like looking at a sixties some what sepia color scheme so when I walked into the kitchen and looked out there was this lovely muted pink sky.

The temperature has dropped considerably, we may have to break down and light the wood stove.  I have so far just been sitting in the evenings in the Simla room with the instant gas stove on and feeling quite snug and cozy, Tupp loves a fire, she's my fire and sunbeam cat.

I must say I finished it, yes I did, I finished the necklace, I will have to take photos and show you. It has five strands, so that means ten ends to attach to the clasp, yes quite a job.  When you finish a project you always think well I should have done this or that, and I think I should have made one strand longer, although it doesn't really matter if you wear it twisted.  My husband says no "it's fine" and my son says, "no it doesn't look right mum," so what's a girl to do.  I'll sit on it.

I thought now what am I going to wear that with and it came into my mind, of course the Coldwater Creek jacket I bought at the Thrift, it was brand new with tags still on it.  I definitely think the colours go.

Today will be a day of shared sorrow.  You probably remember the Anniversary Party that I spoke about, well now I will attend the funeral.  It's mid-day so can't mess about too much this morning.  It's the Bible Songs we sing that always get me choked up, the wording and expressions of God's love for mankind, the ultimate sacrifice of his son to pave the way for our hope of a resurrection.

I hope your weekend is shared with family and friends, mine will be.



  1. Well done on finishing the necklace. That must have needed a lot of patience. Sorry about the funeral but glad you were able to share the joy of the anniversary party. Yes the songs choke me up too but they are beautiful as well.

  2. So glad you were able to share the joy.


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