Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After The Storm

We just got our electric back at 6:15 PM this evening, just in time as the light was almost gone.

When we lost our electric at 9:15 PM last night we decided to call it a day and go to bed, with the wind howling, but to be honest not as much rain as we thought we would get right in our area.

Yesterday I spent the day making jewelery, that was fun, two bracelets in different styles to match my chalcedony ring and a pair of earings to match also.

It's been a quiet day, the gas stove has been on all day in the Simla room and we have been reading and I've been on my iPad as it holds at least an eight hour charge.

We raked out one of our camping stove's and Mr. B. made me a cup of tea which I had in bed.  We all slept in quite late, what a luxury.

Heating up the turkey soap.

This little cheap crank torch/flashlight, radio, alarm; which you crank really came in handy.

Brought out the coffee percolator.

This little camping stove is the best thing for camping since sliced bread.  I bought it at a Korean store, I know you can get them in other countries around the world.  They run on a little butane cylinder no bigger than a large hair spray bottle.

They are so easy to light and easy to tote on picnics.

Turkey Florentine soup with onion bread.

Tea and ginger snaps.

Peaceful time chatting with my boy about his plans and communing with the cats.

A little tea towel that I found a the NSH yard sale, made in the USA, so probably from the fifties, I love it.

My Beamish mug; which mum bought me on our last camping trip together with my parents.  So happy memories. 

Those leaves on that old oak tree never come off.  In fact I was amazed to see how many leaves were left on the trees after all that wind yesterday and yet there were.

We were very fortunate in this area right where I am, no damage I can see so far, but I know other areas were hit very badly, so a lot of aftermath for some folk.  Wish them all well.


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  1. Glad you are all ok. Bad weather is alright when you are snug and warm indoors with plenty to eat. Feel so sorry for the people affected by the storm. Couldn't believe the pics of New York on the news.


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