Monday, October 31, 2011

Amber At The Faire

At the Renaissance Faire, the Amber Shop,  I think almost all the amber was from the Baltic.

I first realized what amber was when my grandmother gave me a faceted cherry amber necklace that I think had been my great grandmother's given to her half sister Mary when she went to New Zealand  and then posted back to my grandmother.  So I would say early 20th Century.

None of the amber in this shop was of a cherry colour.  They had shades of traditional brown amber, green amber and the butterscotch amber, but no cherry.

It was lovely to look at all the styles and creations

I think the amber tree is amazing.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Up In The Rain

I would say up at the crack of dawn; which would be true.  I am up at the crack of dawn every day, about 5:00AM, but today I had to bring in all my clay and ceramic pots, so they will not crack in the snow storm which is meant to be heading our way.  Cripes all Friday, it's not even the end of October.  It was nasty pouring with rain and I'm out in my PJs with a jacket on, walking up and down the basement steps, trying to balance them on the steps, as it's a good place to keep them.  Not in my way and covered.  I was not a happy camper.  But with working all week when else do I have time to get this done.

Plus Boosul Boy committed the cardinal sin of not cleaning up the kitchen like I had asked him to since he had a day off from school.  Although he did bring the wood in and that was important.  So I cleaned up the kitchen this morning.  Plus no whites, so the wash had to be done to dry in time, so that we have something to wear today.

The snow coming is meant to be a very heavy snow and since there are a lot of autumn leaves still left on the trees I'm sure there will be a lot of broken branches.

Last night I lit the wood stove for the first time to warm the house up, it was very cold.  Now I'm sitting in the Simla Room with the gas stove on too, so I'm being very extravagant in doing this.

We have to get Rob's Pathfinder up to Creamery Tire for two new tires, this morning and friends are picking us up at 10:00AM there and we're going out on service.  I think I've spent the whole of October running around with the vehicles.

Last week was the recall with the Pathfinder, and so it goes on.

Crazy week at work needing lots of buckets of water to put out fires smooth ruffled feathers and get things done.  Did get to go out to lunch and be introduced to a client I work with, that was Friday, yesterday.  The trouble with going out is, you still have all your work to do when you get back.  Deadlines to meet.  Waking up in the middle of the night with clients needs going round in your brain, that really is too much, taking your work home, but my brain can't seem to help it.  I never used to take my work home.

Well meant to get together with a friend this afternoon to work on fun creative things, jewelry making.

Take care have a great weekend.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Friends At The Faire

Janice with her hand made waistcoat which seems to match the little felt wallets

Joni and Sonia partaking of Medieval table fare

Watching a play, The Taming of the Shrew

A little chilly

Map reading

Sitting by the fire,actually I think it was some kind of still, you can see the smoke

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Musket Practice

Musket Practice.  It was quite hard to catch the actual puff of smoke as the musket went off, but I think I caught it just right on the first photo.


Renaisance Faire

Some costumed people at the Faire.  They spell it with an "I", but I would put a "Y" in there, more old English to me.

You can come dressed up;  which I did many years ago when I went with friends.  There are also folk paid to walk around in costumes.  I personally, love the lady in the black feathers.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Week In Retrospect

Monday work, Tuesday up at 5:15AM to meet my boss at 6:15AM for a two hour drive to Dover, DE to meet a client.  Wednesday up and out to have Rob's Pathfinder at the dealership by 7:30AM for a recall and oil change, in time to get the shuttle to work.  Lots of accidents, pouring with rain and I was a little late for work.

Thursday a vendor took us out for lunch. Jakie in my office is retiring, so Terri wanted to take her and me, her new contact out for lunch. I had prime rib aus jus sandwich with horseradish and french fries, very good. Plus she brought to the office a delicious chocolate raspberry cake, but talk about sugar overload.

Friday work.  Saturday exhausted and slept in.

12:00 Noon a shepherding call, including Rob.  That went well and was nice.  Now Rob is at work and I've had a very late breakfast of omelet with cheese and cranberry and apple chutney, followed by bread and marmalade and tea.  I've just opened my Scottish Heather Tea, a gift from Candyce and it's a very robust hearty tea, as you would imaging a tea from Edinburgh to be.  I love the little heather flowers, quite visible.  It's very tasty and just right for this autumnal time of year.

Now I have a glass of wine in the Simla Room with the stove on.  There is a story to the wine.  I bought my glass of wine home from my friends last night, Maria gave me a chocolate raspberry liquor and after that I couldn't keep my eyes open, I just had to take a nap, how embarrassing.  So not to waste the glass of wine, I took it home in a plastic container.  Now it's tasting quite nice.

Now for a Netflix movie.  I've been enjoying 'The Last Detective"


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Weird and wonderful, pumpkins.  Just look at the word HAPPY!  Yes we'll have a happy day.


As I Was Going To Bambury Faire, I Saw A Bison

Last Saturday a friend invited me to go to the Renaissance Faire with her and two other friends.  I wasn't going to go, as the Pathfinder was booked in for a recall, then Rob says it's not starting and he thinks it needs a new battery.  But Joni persuaded me to go; which I'm glad that she did.

Rob and I were over at Sears bright and early to get the battery checked and yes it did need a new one, so we got that done.  I cancelled the recall appointment and scheduled it for a week day.  The dealership has a shuttle service, so decided to use that to get to work.

I was back by 9:45AM for Joni to pick me up.  It was a lovely sunny day, a little cool and windy, but lovely.

So the drive which is up past Lancaster, PA was country and the leaves, although not at their best, were still lovely.

We got a little lost and this was what we saw.  An American Bison, or as they're commonly known the American Buffalo.

Early American settlers called bison “bufello” due to the similar appearance between the two animals, and the name "buffalo" stuck for the American variety. But it's wrong.

The American bison (Bison bison) lives only in North America, while the two main buffalo species reside in Africa and Asia. A small population of bison relatives called the European bison (Bison bonasus) lives in isolated parts of Poland.

I took my photographs from quite a distance with my little camera, I think they turned out pretty good.

What a majestic animal and a treat to see him.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Out of Control

As you can see my garden is totally out of control.  With all this rain and no time to do it, it's in a sorry state.  I even left a weed of a shrub back in the summertime to grow, because I know the birds like the berries, but I haven't seen them on the bush eating them this year, not like in past years.

Autumn is around us and I hope to get out at some point and enjoy the foliage, it's not quite at it's best yet in Pennsylvania here where we are.

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