Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - The Perfect Storm

No work today!

Our New York office is closed too as all the NY Transit System closed down last night at 7:00 PM.

We had an announcement at our congregation meeting yesterday, from the Branch Office, to be prepared.  One of our elders phoned in the morning to make sure that we had everything we needed; which I thought was so good, plus make sure the elders have our phone numbers, and email address to contact us in case of extended emergency.

We have our wood stove so will not be cold, although it is not that cold temperature wise.  We have camping stoves and an outside calor gas grill.  We have food stores in the basement and will run water in the bath and fill up containers.  We live at almost at the top of the hill, so are on somewhat higher ground.  Will remember not to park the car under our old ash tree which is on it's last legs.

I don't get over anxious over these types of things, but on the other hand one would be foolish not to heed warnings and take the necessary precautions.  So many weather patterns are not normal anymore and you can't say it will not happen because so many freak storms have never happened before, there is always a first time.

Everything is shut down from Virginia to New York State, waiting for the impact of Hurricane Sandy.  I keep thinking of the movie the Perfect Storm with George Clooney playing a New England fisherman and how three storms converge together to make the perfect storm, well this is a similar situation in that it's a combination of hurricane and nor'easter amplified.

Hurricane Sandy came up from the south and they do this time of year,  but usually they gradually peter out and stay out to sea and then hit somewhere up in New England.  But this storm  which has been named Frankenstorm, because of a two cold fronts, one west of Hurricane Sandy and one north coming down from Canada, has drawn the hurricane inland.  It carries a lot of water and is moving very slowly, plus it is full moon, so tides will be at their highest, so will effect several high tides, the worst is meant to hit this evening.

Mr B made goodies and pork chops in the slow cooker.  I started a pot of turkey soup; which I will finish today.  Need to fill some water jugs and we will see what happens.

Just looking out of my Simla Room window yesterday evening.

At the moment some winds and rain, will keep you posted.



  1. Stay safe. Those of us here in the West are praying for your safety. Our daughter is living in Arlington, Va. and we are anxiously monitoring and thinking of all of you.

  2. Have been thinking of you all. Glad you are heeding warnings and prepared. Such strange weather now.


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