Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Veg from the garden.  Squash one rather over large tomato, plus my cherry tomatoes are coming in and of course all my greens.

A simple meal with different types of cabbage and greens is to saute it with onions in olive oil, salt and pepper and add some kind of sausage or bratwurst, serve it with rice, it makes a tasty meal.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All Around The Garden Under Morning Light

Just some morning photos around my garden.  I love the light in the morning.  On the burial mound is my Jack-in-the-Pulpit, I think it will establish itself nicely there, Janice gave it to me.  I need to work on collecting some other plants for my woodland garden, I would especially like a trillium.

My apple tree is going to have apples this year, my thorn less blackberry bush has some fruits, nothing on the cherry tree unless the birds got to them first.

I made a little garden off to one corner around my Pond Patio.  The grass never grew there and someone gave me a day lily, a lovely colour so I planted that as the central piece to the little garden and added some bedding plants that Maria gave me.  Portulaca and some red spikes.

The cleome has been seeding itself everywhere and I can see that as much as I like the flowers it could become quite invasive.  It seems my Simla Patio has become a bedding nursery for them.  I gently pull them up from between the paving stones and then transplant them to where I want them.  It fills my garden in without having to go out and buy flowers.

I think an animal sleeps on one of my hosta every night, do you see how it's flattened?

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