Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In My Garden

As you can see it has been overcast and grey.  I managed to take a few photos in the garden before going to work one misty morning.  I don't dislike that rain it freshens everything up.  We don't quite have the autumn colors yet.

Our wood pile is ready for the winter.  I have had our little gas stove on in the Simla Room and I spent a pleasant evening there with my son yesterday, a holiday.  He had to write on essay comparing, Citizen Kane and Vertigo, it's a long while since I've watched both those movies, but I did remember some things and we were able to discuss that.  I think Citizen Kane was based on Randolph Hearst's life.  I sat there doing some beading.

Earlier in the day Mr. Bit Brit and I spent the morning doing more sorting, tidying and cleaning in the basement with some items going out to the thrift.  I did unearth a necklace which I started on, I don't know if I should even say this, twenty-five years ago.  I lost it for a while and now it is found.  I am bound and determined to finish it.  The center bead I bought in Colchester, UK many years ago.

Last Saturday morning I went with my friend Cindy to a Bead Show and bought some pretty green lampwork beads which I think complement my Chalcedony ring.  I did a little work on that too.

You should see some of the lovely creations my friend does.  She is now making bezels out of seed beads around a center stone or crystal, they are gorgous will have to show you some pics.

Well today is not a holiday and back to the work week.

Take care,


  1. What a pretty garden. And your patio is gorgeous! Did you all do the brickwork?

    Happy autumn:)


  2. I am envious of your garden. It is so beautiful. I had to laugh at your necklace find as helping our daughter-in-law sort some things out she was squealing with delight finding things she had "lost". Not for 25 years though but long enough.


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