Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Ends

Just some photos from the end of April in my Garden.  The wisteria is out and the bees love it.  Primulas and Peggles under the hedgerow.  As a child we called the yellow flowers Peggles, I think that was the local country folk name for them, another name is Cowslips.

Rob is doing a little reading and taking advantage of a little sun.  Tuppy is sitting in a flower pot watching the world.

My vege frame is still up.


Tomatoes I Have Planted

 Black Krim Tomato
 Mortgage Lifter Tomato

 Brandywine Pink Tomato
 Brandywine Red Tomato
This is what I have planted in my garden all of these plants came from my friend Jack.  I have planted all three before, the Mortgage Lifter and Brandywine Pink and Red, but have never planted or ate the Black Krim, don't they look fun to try?

I still have hope for my Large Red Cherry Tomatoes which I do have tiny plants coming up.  I like the Cherry tomatoes as they come on early and are nice and sweet just to pop in your mouth.

 Large Cherry Tomato

So that's just my tomatoes.  The other plants that came up well for me were Spinach Mustard, Cabbage, Kohlrabi, Turnip, Beetroot, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cucumber.  I do have two tiny carrot plants, we'll see what they do.

I have 24 rows of vege planted so far.  I'm going to work out a little grid plan with what I have planted, because although I always mark everything with lolly pop sticks, part way through the summer they all seem to go missing and then I never know what tomato I'm eating, plus some of the other green leaf veg can be confusing and the squash.

I've replanted seeds for Cleome, Zinnias, Dahlias and African Daisy, plus I already had some other flower plants come up although tiny, Snapdragon, Bachelor Button, Morning Glory, Russian Mammoth Sunflower, Sweet William, Gypsophilum and Forget-Me-Not.  I have all these planted in pots and in the garden. 

I'm a week early so hope a frost or severe cold night does not come.


Blooms From My Garden

I only managed to cut one bunch of Lilac it was almost finished before I even brought a bunch in the house.  The Lily of the Valley is potently pungent, I love them.  I have a small patch in the front of the house.  Aren't they lovely?


Hospital Yard Sale A Bi-Annual Event

I have long coveted these Czech china containers. So when I walked into china room I espied this set straight away and being an affordable price I added them to my little goody collection. 

Not these ones specifically, but ever since I first saw a complete set at an old friends house, who received them for a wedding present, probably in the thirties.  This would date them to that time period and they must have been popular as a wedding present then.  Her set was perfect every piece and in great condition, you hardly ever come across a set like that.  Unless it's a fortune.  Now I needed to declutter my kitchen counter, find space and enjoy them there.

The corn tureen with matching ladle is sweet.

Along with different linens, some lovely hand crocheted collars, a beautiful French tea towel for a friend.  Little hankies a silk scarf and washable wool hat, plus shoes and odds and ends.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Around My Garden

 The cut down hedge in a pile.

  Quince Bush.

 Cherry tree blossom.

Hubby's boots and he says he has another pair to retire to this grouping.


Euphoric Sparrow

Euphoric Sparrow.
Isn't this a very euphorial shot?


Naughty Squirrel

To be honest these little grey squirrels are very naughty.  They dig holes all over my lawn and yes here he is eating my Japanese Maple's tender spring shoots. There are far more grey squirrels in town, then in the country because in town they have no natural predators.  But their antics are funny to watch.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

My New Thrifted Quilt

I saw this quilt in the thrift shop a several weeks before I bought it.  I happened to visit again and thought let me see if that quilt is still there, because it looked quite new and the colours were just right for my bedroom and would make a lovely spring and early summer quilt.  The blues and yellows looking very refreshing and light.  As my red quilt looks very wintry and too heavy a color for this time of year.  Colours are so seasonal.

I loved the reverse colours and the checked fabric edging.  The quilt was originally put in for $25.00, which was a little too much for me to pay, but reduced  to $15.00 and I had a 25% discount coupon on top, so I was pleased, this more fitted my budget.


Raindrops on a Sparrow

A sparrow outside my kitchen window, in the rain., shedding raindrops.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blue Jays in My Garden

A pair of mating Blue Jays in my garden.  They are "sexually monomorphic" looking almost identical to the human eye, not the norm in the bird kingdom.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Jewish Apple Cake

Jewish Apple Cake made in my new bundt pan from the thrift shop.  This is one of our favourite cakes to make and eat.  I think this pan will be easier to turn the cake out of, plus the other one was pretty scratched up inside, the Teflon coating not lasting very well.  This pan is enameled and I think will last better and maybe better for us health wise, because I do wonder where all that Teflon ends up.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yard Scenes

 The forsythia
The wood pile
 Pond and Patio
Well things are gradually getting cleaned up in the garden ready for spring.  The forsythia gives a splash of colour on a dull day.  The wood pile is growing, ready for next winter and the cut down pampas grass which we keep starts the fire a treat.  We are keeping all the cut down hedge to dry out for kindling, but it does take up space.  So we need a clean up in this area under our big oak tree.

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