Friday, December 27, 2019

2019 The Year That Was, But Was Not On My Blog

Hi Dear Folk,

2019 was the year I succumbed to Instagram.  Should I even peep into my long neglected Blog and share a post, still if anytime feels the right time it is now at the end of the year.

The biggest event of the year was having my she shed built which I absolutely love.  To see all my photos of this look at my Instagram on the side bar of my Blog.  Here are a few of my photos taken with my camera.

I had saved two sets of old 1920's screen French doors from my house porch when we had that made into a sun room and I also saved three columns, two of which we used on the shed.  I love the triangular look of the apex and columns, almost looks Grecian.

I painted, I'm a good painter but slow so took a lot of the summer.  I gave my She Shed a name and it is "deux portes Francaises" two French doors.

I bought the two windows from Habitat For Humanity Thrift Shop, they are brand new  and if you're happy with an odd size which was fine in a new build shed, because we could work with them, such a savings.

We were able to fit my shed between my lovely old oak tree and the fence, leaving enough room to meet borough regulations, and enough room so it is not jammed up against the tree, while maximizing the size of the shed and keeping within borough requirements.  So my shed is 9 feet wide and sixteen feet long with a porch obviously 9 feet wide by 6 feet deep.  I kept it in length with the garage and it meant I hardly had to dig up any of my gardens.

After winter I am so glad to get all my plants outside.  My orchids love living outside in the summer, and only tolerate wintering in the house.

The slope of the roof on my shed matches my garage.  I didn't think of that and was not around when the builder got to that stage so he came up with the idea and I like it.

Mr. B. did help me with the floor and the apex as I couldn't reach that high up.

My kitchen patio.

My Simla Room Patio.

Kitchen garden.

I have lots of little areas in my garden, this is the Pond Patio.

Oak tree patio.

Mr. B. actually drilled holes in these troughs after twenty years of asking.  Now I can put flowers in them and they don't fill up with water, before I just used to stand pots in them.

In the middle of winter you forget how lovely ones summer garden is, but looking back at the photos yes it is.

Here is my dear old lady Tuppy.  She is a senior at nineteen years old, which in human years is in her nineties.  Summer as always was very hot up to almost 100 f and I thought she was a goner because she got thinner and thinner, but I think it was the heat, she just didn't want to eat.  In any case she took to sitting on my kitchen tile counter top, which I never would have allowed, but I gave in as she is an old lady.  We have no central AC in our house is quite trying in summer.  We have one AC in each of the bedrooms that are used and we later on broke down and bought one for the kitchen.

She is still with us and we have fattened her up a bit.  She's a feisty old thing.  We actually do know when she is hungry because she bangs her food bowl up and down on the floor.  You can teach an old cat new tricks.

Have a few more posts before the end of the year.

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Take care enjoy time off with family and friends.

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