Monday, December 31, 2018

20th November 2018 Tea Lunch

Hi Dear Folk,

Seems appropriate to close out 2018 with a tea scene.  My friend Candyce came over for lunch.  I used part of a beautiful set I bought at the thrift while out together.  I could say that I am not buying anymore china. I think I maxed myself out. This set is Royal Ivory, Made in Czechoslovakia. It is delightful.  Probably from the 1930s.

I always love a pattern in the center of a bowl or cup, besides on the outside.  Loved these paper napkins/serviettes from IKEA they are most whimsical.

Paired up with an old teapot.

Well it's been a marathon.  I will try to live in real time next year.

Good night all fellow bloggers.

Goodbye 2018.


13th October 2018 37th Anniversary Day at Longwood Gardens

Hi Folk,

Dear Boy treated us to our anniversary day at Longwood Gardens and Lunch.

We arrived by 10:00 am

Walked down to the wild meadow area for a conducted wild flower walk.  An old Pennsylvania Farm House.

Italian style fountains with French style gravel seating area.

Just one room of the largest privately owned organ.

Isn't this beautiful.  I kept walking around saying, just right for an afternoon tea or how about a wedding.


Musical light show at night.  It was rather chilly, but delightful.


30th September 2018 My Aunt's Beautiful Garden

Hi Folk,

My whole European excursion is winding down.  Sunday lunch with my Aunt and Uncle.  It is always a delight to visit with them.  We had a delicious lunch and so good to catch up with them.

My aunt's garden is beautiful, truly an English country garden, and yes with an absolute cornucopia of roses.

My uncle's vegetable garden he's trying to expand it but I don't know if my aunt Jeanette will let him.



29th September 2018 Reunion The Bull, Much Hadham

Hi Dear Folk,

Here we are gathered together for our reunion at The Bull Pub in Much Hadham.  We had such a lovely time.  The food was rather slow in coming but was excellent so you didn't mind the wait.

Graham is my oldest friend we've known each other since I was two and he was three.  He lives thirty minutes away from me in the States.  He got together the reunion with some of our old friends.


27th September 2018 Waltham Abbey and Lee Valley Park

Hi Folk,

Back in England and staying a few days with Jean at her house.  Jean drove us out for the day to Waltham Abbey.

There are just a few ruins left.  Notice the longer than normal bricks in the wall.

This is the interior of Waltham Abbey Church.  If you look below notice the last archway is  missing the lower arch.  The original architects and builders built it with the arch, but move on a couple of hundred years and the powers that be decided that they wanted a more open look to the church and were going to take out all the lower supporting archways.  They took one out on either side, this is where they stopped, as the arches started to bow and had to be banded for strength.  I guess the original builders knew what they were doing.

We stopped in this pub The Welsh Harp for lunch.

Afterwards we drove over to the Lee Valley Park.  Notice the fish ponds where the monks used to fish.

This is a wild life sanctuary, it used to be quarries.

Such a lovely day.

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