Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Poignant 35th Anniversary

We were invited to a very special 35th Anniversary Party.  It was a wonderful occasion and very poignant as the husband has cancer and was only just released from hospital that very morning, so that he was able to attend their 35th Anniversary. 

Different ones stood up and spoke about special occasions and memories, warm, funny and being with friends, that's what it's about really sharing and caring with ones you love.

So here am I, there's a little story to my star fish and coral necklace.

When mum died the undertaker asked my sister what emblem she would like on the coffin and she asked what do you mean?  He said well something that represents your mum or what she liked.  So my sister chose the thistle of Scotland as mum always enjoyed our Scottish holidays and time in Scotland and a shell, as mum always enjoyed time at the seaside.

Each of us said we would get something connected to the seaside to remember mum and this is what I got; which I just love.  So it was a joy to wear it at an occasion of friends and family.



  1. Thats a lovely idea to have a necklace with a link to your mum.

  2. I've never heard of choosing a symbol like that, but it's a great idea. You look very pretty and happy in your necklace.


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