Sunday, October 7, 2012

What's Been Cooking In Our Kitchen This Week

Mr Brit Bit, who now does most of the cooking made these quiches.  The one mostly eaten is bacon, cheese, both Swiss and cheddar, fresh broccoli,  mayonnaise, eggs and milk.  The other is sauteed squash from our garden, mixed veg, a little chopped kielbasi, cheese, eggs and milk.

Turkey casserole made from all left overs, even adding some hollandaise sauce we had left over from eggs Benedict last Sunday, actually it was delicious.  The only problem was the dumplings the Bisquick mix was too old and they did not rise.

Here I am slaving over a hot stove, no not really, Mr Bit Brit does not trust his cake testing skills so I was called in.  This is our ever used Jewish Apple Cake recipe.  My son snapped this shot.  More about his new Cannon Camera later.

This is a delicious chocolate chip bar recipe on a shortbread biscuit base.

Our new fridge, not perfect but no more expensive than getting the repair done on a ten year old fridge. I think it looks pretty good, we're moving up in the world, we have an ice maker, now we just have to connect the line up.  We didn't especially go out looking for one, but you can hardly buy a fridge without them these days.

My corner shelves which a friend at work gave to me and they work just great in our tiny kitchen, to put on all our gadgets.  Note my dad's huge brown enamel teapot on the top; which I mentioned in a previous post.

So that's what's been cooking in our kitchen this week.

More on my weekend later, because I received a wonderful surprise.


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  1. Mmm! It all looks delicious and so satisfying that it comes from leftovers and what you have. The sweet things look yummy. You'll have to put the recipes up. Most of us would never get your huge american fridges in our kitchens. It looks good though.


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