Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jomar Is Closing and Pazyryk Tomb Felted Items

I can't believe it.  My friend M. told me that Jomar is closing, not all their stores but the one near us.  We are devastated, it was the place we went to especially for fabric.  Having a party and want material for tablecloths yards and yards of it, this was the place to go to.

Looking for a little outfit, not expensive, this is where we would go.  And just for the fun of looking at all the crazy things that turned up there.  It was like the shop of last selling resort, there were deals to be had too.  So we are just sick about it.

Saturday we went around the shop, saying this is terrible.  The fabrics and trims that they sold there were amazing, and now even more amazing at 50% off already ridiculously low prices.

I bought a yard of this and that.  The little check material is wool for a suit, that I bought 6 yards of.   Plus I bought some trims.  The other is curtain fabrics, or what ever you want to use it for.  I did buy a serious amount of curtain brocade, black with a rose bud on, I have plans for that.

They had shelves and shelves of trims, such wonderful color combinations, oh! I'm telling you this is terrible.  I expect I'll get over it but.

I bought a nice Indian cotton blouse for the summer to go over jeans for one dollar and a Pancho/jacket/vest combo in black wool combination $10.00 and truthfully that was a splurge seeing what most the other prices were in the store.

Did get some work done this weekend on the basement.  Putting some things out back for people to take if they want and will thrift other items.  It will eventually come together.  It will never be the Ritz it is an unfinished basement, but I do have visions of crafting with friends there, so we will see.  Lots of work to do.

I picked up two books at the thrift, you'll never stop me from adding more books, it's an addiction.  One was on rug making and the other on felting. 

I seriously want to go to the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, to see the collection of felted items that they found in a tomb in Siberia.  I found this wonderful PDF about the Textiles of Pazyryk. from the University of Pennsylvania Museum; which is on our doorstep.

Saddle Cover Eastern Altai, Pazyryk Burial Mound 1
Felt, leather, horsehair
5th century BC
L 119 cm, w 60 cm
This cover of thin red felt trimmed along the edges with strips of leather is decorated with applique designs in coloured felt. On the sides of the cover are two identical compositions: a winged griffin, standing on the ibex he has overwhelmed, holds in his beak one of the victim's horns; the ibex's forefeet are bent under him, while his hind legs, together with the hindquarters, also twisted around, turn upwards; the head faces backward.
According to the traditions of ancient Altai art, the animals' bodies are emphasized by applique designs in the form of a dot, triangle and drop.
On either side the saddle cover has three pendants of yellow felt trimmed with red horsehair and lined with leather. The outer side of each pendant shows an applique design in coloured felt of a moufflon between two horned tiger's heads. The cover is highly decorative. 

The history of felting is so interesting.  Will be reading more on that subject.




  1. I sympathise with you as all our fabric shops have closed even the man on the market has gone. In their place is Hobby Crafts,a very expensive chain store, which does sell some unusual fabrics at eye-watering prices.

  2. Thanks for coming by to visit at Delights of the Heart.

  3. Hello, Christy -- I know quite what you mean. There is a chain of stores here called Ben Franklin -- they have lots of craft things, great fabric, floral, scrapbooking, yarn. Not always the highest end, but good stuff. It's in the town in northern Michigan where I summer and this year I learned they were closing. I bought rather a lot I didn't need and some things I did, but mostly just mourned the loss of this store, a victim of the big box stores. You had some great finds to remember them by, though.


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