Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Posy When Ill

This is a posy of sage, rosemary and a little primrose, sweet smelling and sitting on my little rose glass table now.  There is a fire going to cheer me as it's an overcast day.

Last night I was up quite a bit with upset stomach and being sick, I hate that feeling.  So was still queasy today, spent the morning in bed and just got up late, took a shower, I may stream a movie later.

Now Bo's making me tomato soup and saltine crackers.

Hope your day is good


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Different Daffs From My Garden

 ifferent daffodils from my garden.

Just enjoying a bouquet of daffodils from my garden

These daffodils are smaller and a little past their best in this photo but I wanted to record their beauty

From Saturday To Saturday

Last Saturday was lovely blue skies and sunny.  It started out cool and I needed my coat and hat out on service, but then as the day went on it got hotter and hotter.

I took the opportunity to do some reading in the garden in the afternoon, with my faithful companion.

A photo of the Boy and I after service.

Today was chilly overcast and showers.  I knew it would be the morning sky yesterday was quite pink.  Rob and I went to MC3 the Community College to go on their tour and then to the KH for field service in the afternoon for an hour .  We packed some cheese and cucumber sandwiches and a flask of tea to hold us over.  A busy but fruitful day.


My Garden This Past Week



My lovely rose which is a salmon pink colour and has a beautiful coiled inner petal arrangement, it's been somewhat traumatized so I hope it takes


This little rose is small, a deep pink, not too different from a wild dog rose and is the same as a lovely rose bush we had growing at out house in Stansted

We moved the trellis across the garden, it fits just right and I like it between our two gardens.

As always my lovely climbing hydrangea

This past week I planted seeds.  I don't have time to do all the packs and marking everything, so I just sprinkled a load of different seeds in my two giant galvanized pots.  They are already shooting, I will sort it all out when they've grown up a bit.  One has vege in it and the other flowers.  Bo and I moved the clematis out of the pots and planted them in the garden by my kitchen.  We moved the trellis there and put it across to delineate between the vege garden and the flower garden. 

The clematis have done well as you can see, I wondered if they would transplanting them right now.  I've also dug up two rose bushes and transplanted them into the same garden.  They've had a little shock but I think they will take and do better than where they were.  Also dug up all my primulas which were under the hedge in the vegetable garden area and planted them in the same garden, one the yellow one reminds me of what we used to call peggles in England.  So I should have a lovely little kitchen flower garden.  it may even turn out to be my rose garden area with three other roses across the pathway.

Bo also got the fence painted.  Now was the time to do it before everything grows up.

The honeysuckle by the back door has been cut back ruthlessly, but it needed it.  Now is the time to also paint around our kitchen window which is usually overgrown with the honeysuckle and roses, so another project.


Cat In A Pot

I came home from work the other day, it was a beautiful day, so I got to enjoy it a bit, coming home and looking around my garden, and there was Tuppy sitting in a pot, sunning herself.  She loves to sit in the sun's rays.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Lunch Time Walk In The Park and My Drive Home From Work


I wanted to get out of the office at lunch time.  So I drove to a very near by area. part of the local Park system. almost a bit of a no man's land, I don't think many people go here as it's not part of the main park.  But nice for a quiet walk to commune with nature. The ground was carpeted in celandine's, so lovely.

Spring in Pennsylvania is full of blossoming trees, here you can see a few as I drive home from work.  They are all at least three weeks early.  I even saw an azalea blooming and they should not be out until May.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lunch on French Plates

Rob decided to have left overs for lunch chicken and rice with tomatoes and peppers, very good.  It looked so nice on the French plate that I had found at the Thrift.  The red tomato on the red place just right, so photos were taken.  Rob even wiped the edge of the plate around and I didn't ask him to.

Rob loves these plates he says they remind him of the sixties.  I found two at 0.50 cents each, so couldn't pass them by, especially coming from France.  So we added them to our everyday collection of china to use and enjoy.

Beautiful day Saturday.  Lovely morning in Service, doing the Memorial Tract work.


Friday, March 16, 2012

The Four Seasons

This is a picture I have hanging in my kitchen, the four seasons UK style.  I think I found it in Marshall's but it's so quintessentially Brit.  The seasons as you see them in the countryside there.

I like all the pictures, but of course especially the poppies around a corn field, and autumn is very Brambley Hedge.

I may have to move this picture, because I'm looking for a saucepan stand to sit in that corner.  With saucepans/pots on a stand that will give me easy access to them and free up some cupboard space.  I'm still looking for the right size and more importantly the right price.

Well it's 6.17AM but still dark because of the time change.  The birds are signing.

Tuppence is sitting with me, because she has bullied Rob into opening his bedroom window and letting her in.  This she does by banging on the window and howling lamentably, thus waking him up and he will get no peace until she is let in. She no longer has to claw on the screen because she has totally torn that up.

She climbs up the fir tree and sits on the Simla Room roof, what could be easier.  We try and lock her in the basement at night with Tinkerbell, but they are not always easy to find to do that.

Why do we humans put up with it?


Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Change In The Sitting Room And Loving It

My sitting room is quite long 22 ft and 13 ft wide.  So it always seems that the ends of the room are never getting used just the middle are. Plus our sofa is big and deep, although very comfortable, so where to put it?

So instead of having the sofa opposite the fire, I decided to put it along one end wall.  With matching tables and lamps either side.  I think it makes the room look wider and sitting in the sofa at the end of the room gives us a whole new vista.  I can see the fire, the sofa is low and you could not see past the Chinese table to the fire before, so that's nice.  Look out of the French doors into the Simla Room and outside, also see out the front window.

The room has so much more room width wise with the little Eastlake sofa central facing the fire and because you sit higher on that sofa you can see the fire.  I also sat the Eastlake table beside it with a rearrangement of ornaments.

Now we either have to get the Chinese rug cleaned because of those naughty little cats, or buy a new rug.  We will see what's best.

Plus with all that moving of furniture the room got a nice clean.  Of course I couldn't have done all this without some manpower, plus after taking a few bits out of the basement they did need some special cleaning, ie mold, but with some oiling the wooden tables came up very nicely.

Well that was my Saturday, rearranging and cleaning.  But good.

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