Sunday, October 14, 2012

Five Strand Necklace With Lampwork Bead

This is the necklace I made, five strands of beads with a large lamp work bead at the center, which I bought in Colchester. UK.  I love the silver clasp, with inset stones, I bought this many years ago, they cost about five times as much now.  Here you see my necklace sitting on my Coldwater Creek jacket purchased at the Thrift brand new with tags on. I think the colors go quite well.

Beads for one matching earring.

A set I'm working on to go with my chalcedony ring.  Green lamp work beads, crystal and chalcedony stones.  I should be able to make a necklace, bracelet and matching earrings.

Yet another necklace I'm working on.  With large beads from India, Czech glass beads and pearls.

These are fun projects to get out this time of year, as autumn is here.


P.S.  Rob's friend M. is very seriously ill, he's in a medically induced coma.  I don't think I truly relalized how ill he is, well you just don't think of nineteen year olds going into hospital with a pain and the next thing you know they've had three operations and things look very grave.

We stopped by the very brand new spanking hospital that he's in, only been open one month, the one that totally ruined my photos of certain angles of the park, but for the hospital the view is great.  But it might have just been a bit too new to cope with someone as ill as he turned out to be.

In the Philadelphia area we are not short of top notch hospitals, but this new one is very local to us and very convenient, although Philly is only thirty minutes.  The trouble is once you are in a hospital you need a very good reason to be transferred and you had better be prepared to pay the ambulance bill which could run into thousands.

So he and his family are in our prayers.

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