Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tracey Porter and China Cutlery Holders, Thrifted Finds

Sometimes when I come home from work and I'm not so tired, I say let me just pop in the Thrift Shop, it's just around the corner from me and just about the only one I go to, not that I wouldn't like to visit more, but time constraints and it has to be on my beaten path.  

So this is what I found these lovely cockerel plates, from the Tracy Porter Collection, for seventy-five cents each along with the tray.  I think they're really fun. 

I had never seen a cutlery holder until I was at a friends one day and she had a little glass one with teaspoons in and I thought how neat is that.  So when I came across the Noritake one in front; which I bought a while ago I couldn't resist and the scene is so sweet to.  They had three in the Thrift, which must have come from someones collection because there were lots of pieces of Noritake, but I resisted and just bought that one piece.  

The other day though I found the two white ones and much less expensive the one is quite large definitely for knives and forms.  You just don't come across them too often.  Lovely for a little buffet luncheon, or High Tea, Um!

Have you run across these cutlery holders and if so have you ever used them, I just wondered?

The last hurrah! In the garden, the begonias are looking lovely before the frost gets them, and Virginia creeper always looks at it's best right now.  It would take over but we cut it back it can be destructive on walls.


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  1. No I've never seen cutlery holders but they are a good idea and yours are attractive too. The plates are so colourful. So is your garden and it's as if its having a last fling before winter.


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