Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mathew Chapter 6 Verses 25 and 35

Working full time is not something I want to do but it's a necessity.  It's not to have extra income for all those goodies but just to live.  All my married life 31 years this October I have just worked part time really cutting it back after The Boy was born, but circumstances change and one has to do what is needed at the time and at this time I need to work full time.

It does give me a lot of empathy to those single mums who have to do so, because I have home back up, yes I work full time but the house is cleaned, shopping done, dinner cooked, garden looked after by Mr. Bit Brit.  I go out in the morning with a packed lunch and a hot lemon drink, so all of this really softens the blow.

Yes we would both wish it was the other way round but that's life and you have to rise to it.  I would like to have the time to potter around my house and garden.  It's not that I don't but not to the extent that I used to, I miss that, I miss that three'o'clock in the afternoon tea break in my Simla room just writing a letter or reading a book.  Maybe in the future at some time this will change, but this is where we are right now.

Yesterday was hard though because I really felt ill, but I have absolutely no PTO days left, what with two trips to UK, my nephew's wedding and my mum's funeral, plus coming back with pneumonia from the first trip so all these have eaten up my PTO days.  I was feeling pretty sorry for myself along with extra responsibilities at work.  But today was a quieter day and I'm feeling a lot better and the world looks brighter.  I know you've all had those kind of days.

Many things have worked out for us and we live by what it says at Mathew 6:25, 34.


P.S.  Thought I'd go for a change from the plain white blog look.  Heck I can always change it back, that's the beauty of a virtual world nothing is written in stone although maybe sometime in the future we may wish it was.


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better today. I had to work full time out of necessity and it was hard but I was always thankful I didn't have to juggle child care like many others. Now I am retired I SO appreciate being home. I think more so because of the time I was hardly here so things change constantly.

  2. Thank you for your visit and comment over at my place.

    As someone who's been working her entire adult life, I know all about that so-called work/life balance, and am just now discovering a way to gain entry.

    Hoping you feel better soon...it is tough having to work when not 100%, and even knowing that you might be passing a cold along to someone else. Oh yes, I know about that too.

    Best wishes.


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