Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tinkerbell and Purring

Tinkerbell is the sweetest little cat you could ever want.  We got her from the SPCA.  She was they thought about three years old when we got her. She had been lost and nobody claimed her. She is a flame point Himalayan, and we have had her about eleven years.

In a post written by Writing From Scotland Tilly and the Dafter  Tilly a cat they got from the RSPCA, it took her two years to purr.  Well with Tinkerbell it took her a year to purr.  In all respects she seemed very happy with us, and we thought maybe Himalayans didn't purr not ever having one before, but one day she just started purring and has ever since.

But I think the not purring must be due to the traumatic experience of being lost, you just don't know what happened to them during that time, and they can't tell you.  So it was interesting to read a post of someone who had a similar  experience with their cat.


P.S.  Why when you cut patterns on the floor or pin or do anything like that, cats want to sit right in the middle of it all?


  1. Just showed this to my sister-in-law and she said their cats are just the same and it doesn't matter what you do the cats have to be in the middle of it. Tinkerbell is pretty!

  2. Hi Christy,
    Tinkerbell is so beautiful! I'm so glad she can purr now. And yes, cats seem to think that anything that is laid on a surface is put there expressly for them to sit on. We put old towels on our bed for Tilly to sit on, in an attempt to keep the cat-hair contained. She almost always will sit on the towel!

    It's lovely to discover your blog. I couldn't quite see where you live in the States, but are you from Cambridge? My husband's from there. Your photos are beautiful.


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