Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Boy Cycling To School

I did think of titling this post When In Rome, but decided not to.  Here is Rob on his way to school, he's riding what he calls his beater bike.  Usually he drives, because quite often he goes straight from school to work or has a lacrosse game. 

I know driving oneself to school is I think such an American thing, it's especially done in the last year of school, hence I was going to name this post When In Rome Do As The Romans Do.  For Elementary School I used to walk or drive him to school.  For Middle School he always walked and for most of High School he caught the bus or in the last two years rode his bike, or in the last year drove his dad's SUV. 

By the way the messenger bag he has with his books in he bought in Spain and has used it for the last three years.  I must say Rob looks after things.

Also of his own volition he decided to sell the motor bike.  The reason being it needed new tires, clutch and carb work to pass the inspection and although the bike was worth it, Rob was thinking ahead to the winter and how he probably needs a car.  After he said he was going to sell the bike, I felt bad for him and felt it would have been worth to spend the money on the bike because it was sweet and worth keeping.  But being a mum with an almost 18 year old I did not like the idea of him out on it, it's such a worry.  Also when I was in my early twenties I had one friend killed on a motor bike and the other seriously injured.  Although to be honest I had my own motor bike in the UK for a year when I was seventeen, just a small cc Yamaha, so I know the draw of owning and riding a motor bike.  Also finances are tight and he could not afford not to recoup the money.

So in any case he came out just a bit ahead of the game cash wise and will put that towards a car.  So now he's on another quest.  I said to him, it's not the acquisition with you Rob, it's the quest, he said yes I think you're right mum and laughed.


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  1. The cycling will keep him fit. I love the thrill of being on a motor bike but have only ever ridden pillion but as our daughter had one for a couple of years, I do understand the anxiety.


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