Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On The Cam

Of course Cambridge is known for punting on the Cam, getting a good view of many colleges that back down to the river.



  1. Hello! Oh my goodness...I've been to Cambridge and I loved it! My daughter and I visited my sister in Feb/Mar 1992 (actually only found out I had a sister in 1991). She lived in Hornchurch Essex at the time but she and her hubby took us to Cambridge and we walked around the grounds of the university and then down by the river. It was BEAUTIFUL even though we were there a bit early for everything to be green. Also we went to Braintree to visit my sisters brother in law who happened to live there at the time. They ended up moving to Cornwall later. LOVED Cornwall too :) The last time I was in England was 99...I really need to get back there. I haven't seen my sister since then either. Oh well...hopefully we'll see each other soon. THANK YOU for sharing your beautiful photo's with us...you brought back wonderful memories. Have a wonderful Wednesday! Maura :)

  2. Your pictures are beautiful and are reminding me that I must get back there. I don't live far but always tend to go to London for days out. The trouble is we are spoilt for choice here and often miss the beauty on our doorsteps.


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