Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear Boy, Lacrosse and a Scholarship

Here are a couple of pictures of the Boy in his Lacrosse uniform, well except for the footwear, he's number 17. Lacrosse originated with the native American Indians.  He just took it up for his last year of High School and has had fun with it.

Also he's very happy as he won a merit scholarship for college.  He has to pay the first semester but if he keeps his grades up the next two years of semesters will be fully paid for, then he will probably go on to university.  They only give out a few scholarships, he had to write an essay and go on an interview, but I know that he always interviews well.  With things being financially tight (but it seems not tight enough to get financial help) dear boy was on his own for funding college so it's a big relief for him and of course we're happy for him.



  1. Congratulations to your son! That was a job 'well done'!

  2. Well done to Rob! Lacrosse reminds me of the old Enid Blyton school books when at the boarding schools they all played that. It sounded so exotic and much better than boring old hockey which we played.


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