Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hubby Is Refinishing The Kitchen Floor By Hand

I have wanted the kitchen floor refinished ever since we moved in ten years ago, and at last it is getting done.  Hubby is doing this in a very low tech way, by hand sanding and staining.  The colour is Ipswich Pine, then he will finish it off with a polyurethane.  But he's not going for that brand new look and you'd never get it off the old wooden floor, it will however have a nice patina.

So let's wait and see how it turns out.



  1. Oh Christy it will be lovely! There's nothing like an old wood floor' with a beautiful patina and your kitchen floor is wonderful. I can't even imagine doing it by hand...thank goodness it's a small area! Nearly 3 years ago we moved here to the farm and lived in our camper for 3 months while we primed painted and trimmed walls and then we refinished all our floors ourselves. We sure didn't do it by hand though and it's certainly NOT perfect but I like it that way. It has character! I can tell already that your kitchen floor already has character. Enjoy your hubby's labor of love. Maura PS...looking forward to seeing the finished project.

  2. I love wooden floors and yours will be wonderful after Bob's hard work. What patience he has!


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