Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mum and Son, Aunt and Nephew, Hat and Hair

Mum and son

Aunt and nephew

How I wore my hair
I like the top photo as it's the only one I have of mum and son also showing BBs dress full length.

I asked Si the next day if his face hurt as he didn't stop smiling the whole wedding.  Aunt and nephew together.

I braided my hair and my sister helped me put my hat on.  I picked up the little old pearl hat pin, just the day before at an Oxfam shop in Cambridge.



  1. They're lovely, happy pics and your hair is beautiful. The hat looks so good with your hair like that. Trust you to find the perfect hat pin just in time!

  2. Beautiful photo's Christy...everyone looks so happy. I bet his face DID hurt after all that smiling LOL! Love your hat...very British ;) Love your outfit and the 'Aunt's also...very pretty indeed. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Maura


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