Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sedgwick Musuem, Cambridge

The Sedgwick Museum has been a free museum for over a hundred years.  It's very interesting to see many local fossils dug from pits not too far from Cambridge, unearthing within the same area such animal fossils as hyenas, hippopotamus, lions, bears and mammoths, all within the same area quite interesting.  Obviously the temperature was much warmer at that time, when the whole earth had a much more temperate climate.

I loved this little museum and being on a limited income I always try to find free things to visit.  Cambridge is wonderful to wander around because of the beautiful architecture.  I just loved walking though the archway into the courtyard area and then seeing these wonderful bears guarding either side of the steps.

So this was just the beginnings of my day in Cambridge.  I caught the double decker bus in from where my sister lives, it cost five pound fifty pence return.


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  1. Great pictures of lovely Cambridge. Good value on the bus. Its made me want to go and I can use my bus pass so it will be free!


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