Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Breaking Out The Drambuie

Years ago at Heathrow airport I bought a bottle of Drambuie, European size a litre.  To be honest I had never tasted it but it came in a lovely tartan box and was a good price so I splurged.  Well that liqueur lasted for at least twenty years, but I did enjoy breaking it out when I felt like it.  So when it was done, finished I missed it and said next time at the airport, I'll get myself another bottle; which I did. No lovely box, but the contents are the same.

Drambuie is a combination of whisky, honey and herbs and is made in Scotland,  I love it, better than many other liqueurs. 

Here I'm breaking out my new bottle with Maria, and sharing my trip with her.


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  1. I've heard of Drambuie but have never had it. I'm not much of a 'drinker' but I do like liqueur so I'd probably like this. Beautiful photo :) Hope your day is a good one. Maura


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