Thursday, May 31, 2012

LYDC London And T K Maxx Not T J Maxx

While visiting Cambridge I thought let me stop off in the Cath Kidston Store, and although very eye catching I'm always disappointed when things are so expensive.

So after wandering around Cambridge all day and on making a slow amble back to the bus station I saw T K Maxx and I thought let me have a look.  Now if you know me you will know that I'm very partial to bags.  In fact in our last house we had a little cranny cupboard in the attic and my husband called it the bag graveyard.  And there in the store were two bags one in white as you see above and one in a deep pink.  I had seen a bag in Cath Kidston store very similar design in green with white polka dots and of course many of her other designs are the flower designs.  In any case the polka dot bag was sixty-nine pounds sterling, now I think that's a bit steep.

It was very hard to make a decision on the bag in T K Maxx I even asked someones opinion and she said the white one, but in the end I decided on the pink, but when I got it to the counter it was four pounds sterling more than the white one.  So I questioned this and was told that's the way it was, so on principle I did not buy it and walked out the shop.  Even though at twenty-four pounds it was a lot less than the Cath Kidston, but the white one was nineteen pounds.  After walking away I wondered whether I had made the right decision by leaving it behind, and maybe I was being a little too principled, but to late, I was so tired I was not walking back for it.

Fast forward to the end of my visit, where I spent a day in Ely and on the way there we passed through Newmarket and in Newmarket they have a T K Maxx, so I stopped off and there was the bag in white and I bought it.  I'm glad I did and at a third the price I love it and the tag, lining and London on the strap.

As I'm sure you worked out T K Maxx is the USA's T J Maxx.


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