Thursday, January 29, 2015

Winter Doldrums

Hi Dear Folk,

Are we in the Winter Doldrums definition of which is:

Colloquially, the "doldrums" are a state of inactivity, mild depression, listlessness or stagnation.

The word is derived from dold (an archaic term meaning "stupid") and -rum(s), a noun suffix found in such words as tantrum.

My mind is feeling somewhat stagnated and a little dold.  I cheered myself by buying a lovely pair of Italian socks, they are so pretty, will have to show you, knee high and covered in flowers, I just couldn't pass them by.  I always buy the packs of socks because they are cheaper, but you always make a compromise on colour because one pair in the pack will not be what you want.

Driving home from work yesterday I heard this very loud bubbling noise and sure enough my car was over heating even though it was in the twenties outside.  The heater was on, but I turned it on full blast and that bought the gauge down to normal.  I had a problem several months ago, but filling up the radiator reservoir for a couple of days fixed it, but I guess there must be some evaporation somewhere, well the car is thirteen years old, but I'm planning to hang on to it as long as possible.  Mr B. took care of it last night, even though he was very tired and did not feel like doing it, it had to be done.  He finished cooking up a pan of kielbasa, cabbage and potatoes; which he was making for tonight's dinner.  Mr. B. gets home earlier than me on certain evenings.  It's great having a husband who shares duties.

This morning on my way to work I'm stopped behind a car waiting to make a left hand turn onto the main road, I wanted to make a right hand turn, along comes the SEPTA passenger bus and can't easily make the turn onto the street we are on, the teenage girl in front backs right up and bang, she's backed up into my front bumper. She jumps out and says, "Oh my sunglasses were so fogged up."  Maybe you should wipe them off and not drive. I got out and looked, didn't see any damage, but did get her insurance, you just never know.

When Rob was little before all the "can't take them out of school for any length of time happened", this time of year we used to visit my mum and dad in the UK, the flights were at their cheapest, they ran about $400.00 and it was a nice winter break.  Flights are still at their cheapest this time of year but everything is relative, because they have gone up a ridiculous amount.  Three years ago when I attended my nephews wedding in April it was $800.00, a last minute flight the same year in August, for my mum's funeral was $1,000, now a flight in summer is $1,600.00 now that is an astronomical price increase.

One year when he was about thirteen, in Middle School I took him out for almost three weeks.  I did tell his form teacher and the Principle and wrote a letter.  Plus he had to keep a journal of his trip.  When I got home I had a pile of letters from the truancy officer, does no one communicate anymore?

I spoke to other UK friends who live over here, wondering if I was missing something, but no, you might get a package deal for three days in London and the flight for $1,600.00 this time of year but there must be two of you.  Still not the greatest bargain and I usually stay with my sister, so do not need a hotel in London, although I guess we could stay up and sight see in London and extend the visit.  These prices have really put the kibosh on things.

I think I should order seed catalogs that was what my grandfather did sat and poured over them, one can sit and dream of spring and getting out into the garden.  I do have a project in mind for the garden and it involves fencing and a hook, I will say no more, but this idea is percolating in my mind, so maybe my brain isn't such a dold.


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  1. I usually try to have a few days break in January. I look out for deals and go last minute. It seems to settle me down and then I am happy with projects at home. Your garden project sounds interesting. Hope your car is ok now. So stressful when things go wrong with them especially when you need it for work.


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