Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Diamond Head, Honolulu

Hi Dear Folk,

We had a free day on Thursday and Diamond Head had always been on our list of must visit while in Honolulu.  Since it is not too far away from the Diamond Head Congregation and we had already caught the bus there, we knew which bus to catch up here.

By the time we got up here after a leisurely breakfast; didn't have too many of those, it was midday and really not the best time to hike uphill, but since it was quite overcast it was not too bad.

Bumped into some friends who were on our bus, and they took this photo of us.  Isn't it hard to get a good photo when the ones taking the photo don't think about composition, chopping of feet, background and other things, this is one of my better photos.

I'm wearing my walking shoes I bought for Florida 2013, unfortunately not too long after this a strap broke which I need to get repaired, I even looked around for a shoe repair shop while there.  So for the rest of the trip I was without proper walking shoes, and let me tell you those shoes are hard to find and expensive, so they did not get replaced.

Mr. B. had treated me to my Fossil backpack and I can say that it stood the test.  I was expecting the straps to pull out at any moment, especially while travelling on the planes, because at those times it was packed to the gills and heavy.

The above photo is looking down into the crater, so where the entrance is and reception and shop area is in the actual crater and the high point we climbed up to is on the rim.  You can make out the circular outline of the crater.

Looking over to downtown Honolulu.

This area where I'm standing used to be an army lookout post, so concrete and a kind of bunker underneath.

Here you can see the last part of the climb to the top and also again the rim of the old volcano.

It's worth the climb as you can see, wonderful views.


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  1. Those views are breathtaking. Certainly looked worth the climb.


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