Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Storm in a Teacup and What Was Lost Has Been Found

Hi Dear Folk,

Well we missed the big snow storm, it went out to sea 100 miles east of us, but the New England states are catching it.  No day off work, oh well! 

Happy, happy morning though.  I was in the bedroom getting dressed when I felt something against my toe, I looked down and there was my earring, camouflaged on my rose patterned rug, what was lost, my Maui Mink earring, has been found.  I must get more little plastic earring backers, you never seem to see them.  Plus I still have my seeds to look forward to in the mail.

My shawl is slow going, I will be on it for a while, but I will definitely have enough balls of yarn to finish it, as I checked the other day, and really you can make it however long you want it to be.

Take care hope your day is good.


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  1. Glad the storm missed you but a day of work would have been good. Makes you so happy when you find something you lost. Look forward to seeing your finished shawl.


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