Friday, January 2, 2015

Evening Entertainment

Hi Dear Folk,

After a full day of island sights, we got back to our hotel at about three on Wednesday.  We had to be out again and at the convention center by 5:00PM for dinner and an evening of entertainment put on by the local friends.

The Convention Center in Honolulu has a main downstairs auditorium which is very large.  Then you go up to the next floor where there are various different size rooms, some with stages, some without.  So I think there were at least four rooms of entertainment carried on simultaneously, here is where we were assigned.

All this entertainment was put on by the friends in the local congregations around Oahu.  Above we see the brothers, from very young to older.

Here are a couple of the younger girls, the one on the left reminds me so much of a photo that I have of my grandmother, when she was maybe that age or a little younger, I will have to look it up and post it.

In the background you can see some of the older sisters who did the Hawaiian dancing along with some Indonesian sisters who did a candle dance.

Here again you can see the Indonesian sisters in the background with their costumes on.

I actually have more video than photos of this event.  I did not have a good photo of the band and their leader, but these were all local brothers, several of whom had performed with some big names in Hawaiian music over the years.

It was truly a delightful, joyous, fun evening.


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