Monday, January 26, 2015

Maui Mink and The Big One

Hi Dear Folk,

The whole of the Northeast is bracing for the Big One, arriving sometime this afternoon and snowing for 24 hours, so they say, but you never can tell.  We are ready, Mr. B. has brought in a lot of wood to dry out and some is in the garage drying out.  Our problem is that we do not have a covered area for our wood pile, and although it gets seasoned it also gets wet, so wet and dry, wet and dry.

He also made two wonderful chicken pot pies to come out, one of his specialties and very tasty they are too.

As you know I have reading matter and crochet so will tuck ourselves in and batten down the hatches.  Probably no work.

Guess what I'm so upset I lost one of my Maui Mink earrings.  I wore them yesterday with a coat and they dangled, and even though I had a backer on them, one was lost.  You might ask what is Maui Mink, it is the name for the seeds that grow on the Mgambo Tree, which comes from Africa and was introduced to Maui.  They are call Maui Mink because they are soft like pussy willow, but grey and far more durable.  They are just lovely, like stroking a mink and I have done that as a child, because my mum used to pick up fish at Lowestoft every other week for a mink farmer.  He had to feed his minks fresh fish. 

I think the man who sold them to me at the craft show said he stood by his jewelry even pieces that were lost, so I'm hoping so.  In the mean time I got on the Internet and found some actual seeds for sale in California, so bought some to try growing a tree. 

The Mgambo Tree grows up to 15 feet high, but you can grow it in a pot, it would just have to be brought in during the winter as obviously they need an all year warm climate.  I so hope this is successful, wouldn't that be fun?

 This is what I bought:

Mgambo Tree (Black Pearl)
Majidea zanguebarica

Native to east Africa, the Mgambo Tree is sometimes referred to as the Black Pearl or Velvet-seed Tree owing to its unique velvety black seeds, which are displayed like pearls in the bright red interior of its fruit pods. So ornamental are its seeds, they are often used in artisan jewelry and the dried pods in the composition of bouquets and pot pourris. 10 Seeds.
$ 3.95         

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  1. I remember the chicken pot pie we had in the Amish restaurant and it was delicious. I have made one since but not the same. I bet Mr B's is wonderful. Hope you enjoy being snowed in if it happens. Sounds like you are ready for it. I'm sorry about your lost earring. Will be interesting to see if your tree grows.


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