Thursday, January 15, 2015

MaGerks', Fort Washington

Hi Dear Folk,

Glad you popped by.  Only fifteen days late on this post, I just got the photos downloaded off my camera.  This is our little family out for lunch on New Years' Day, including the Boy of course.  It's nice to take advantage of being together as you know these times are going to be less frequent.

MaGerks' is not far from where I work and we have been here quite a few times from work, you know vendor visits, take you out to lunch do.  So I thought we'd go over and treat the boys to their crab sandwich which is excellent.  I had their crab cream soup, also very good.

I know these photos are very similar, but I liked them both, so I'm posting them both.

MaGerks' is actually an old house which sits on the corner.  This area is very old Pennsylvania, Hope Lodge  is just down the road, and Mather Mill.  This is also near where I take my lunch by the creek in the summer time.  The Highlands is in this area too, and I see that they are having another Tea and Symphony event; which I went to before and thoroughly enjoyed, so maybe will go again.  Also the Clifton House here they are on Facebook where I've been to Afternoon Tea a couple of times is past Hope Lodge on the same road.

There is a group of houses next to the restaurant and one is in a pretty run down condition, but I'm sure it's old, it has an old curiosity shop type window on the side and I just long to go in and have a good nose around.


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  1. Lovely pictures. Glad you all got out and are making the most of time together. It sounds an interesting area.


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