Monday, January 12, 2015

Kuka'emoku, Maui

Hi Dear Folk,

On our Maui travels, here we are on Tuesday.  We booked a snorkeling trip and asked the travel chap who had a desk at the condominiums that we stayed in, what we could do, he directed us to one place, but we decided after getting there, that it was too touristy so I found this park in my guide book, and we spent a lovely morning here, it was further along on the same road.

 Kuka'emoku, commonly called loa needle the Hawiian name for the 2,250 feet high needle.  This peak is known as Kanoloa, Hawaiian god of the ocean.  During wars this was used as a lookout post by warriors.

Would have been nice to have taken a dip.

Weather patterns are hugely influenced by the mountains, so if you are down at sea level, you could be in the sun and just a few miles away up in the mountains it can be raining.

Looking towards the ocean, blue skies.

Looking into the mountains, heavy rain clouds.

Ran into a family visiting from California, they recognized our badges and introduced themselves.

What about this amazing tree, unless I was standing there you could not visualize how big it was.

Hibiscus growing wild, as were guava fruit.  I picked a ripe fruit off the ground and ate it, it was good.


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  1. What a fantastic tree. Fresh guava-wonderful. It looks like paradise.


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