Monday, January 26, 2015

Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain

Hi Dear Folk,

I just found out and had to tell you that Testament of Youth was released last year as a film.  Maybe it will be on Netflix this year.

I am so excited, the last time this was produced was 1979 as a series staring Cheryl Campbell.  It was a good series and can be watched on You Tube.

Testament of Youth was written by Vera Brittain, it is an autobiography of her life just prior to WWI to the aftermath of the Great War.  She very much wanted to go to University like her brother Edward.  She fell in love with Edward's best friend Roland. She fought to attend University then took a leave of absence to train to become a nurse and help on the front. I will not go into more detail but it is an excellent read. 

My suggestion is watch the series on You Tube; which is split into multiple You Tubes, if you can read the book and then we'll all be ready for the film this year.



  1. We had a review of this in our local rag, the Harlow Star. I thought that meant it is already out here but may be mistaken. The critic says that it sags in the middle but regains momentum. Will wait for the DVD.

  2. It is already out in UK and maybe it will hit Netflix in USA this year. I have not seen it advertised at the movie theatres.


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